Extra Curricular – If Today Was Your “Last Day” How Would You Spend It? ***messymandella***






Part 1:Suge Knight: Criminology And Murder Incidents Prove Karma Finally Has It’s Say!***messymandella***

Suge Knight, the cut throat executive of  of Death Row Records  taunted  and  instigated  his way into the limelight but with respect and intimidation. Suge’ is  not a rapper,or a singer, he bullied and used fear tactics to ensure his street ligfe and personal live hands were clean, even his “almost convicted of everything, but can’t be

proven” livelihood.

The media has reported Suge’s financial struggles and ability to walk around unphased  by any of the negativity that surrounds his musical disappointments and scandal ridden business. deceptive practices,assaults on women and men.

  Suge Knight’s  deceitful and bullying tactics destroyed  Death Throw, but some where afraid to leave. Now, we can rewind some of his past endeavors, and how he is the New OJ Simpson. He assumed he could outrun karma too. Now  those dirty deeds  and negative that followed O.J. Simpson, will be a  reminder to others. What was his relationship to Tupac and did he have anything to do with the end result of the East and West Coast Beef?

with his recording label that was often considered and now of course we understand that allegedly Suge Knight…

Obscure Soul: Brand New Heavies With Q-Tip ***messymandella***





Nylons In A Rip- Nikka Costa! ***messymandella***Waiting For The World To Change- John Mayer

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Big Krit+ Slim Thug+ Lil KeKe

Let the South say AMEN!

Can we admit that the South is having a great year?

It keeps true to its form, and still gives you the barz and beats to  keep your IPOD full.

I still have a portable CD Player (people give me pure hell)!

Big Krit has a remarkable delivery and multitude of fans, but he’s been on his grind for a minute.

Slim Thug has been  missing in action since he was  hanging out with Mike Jones.

Lil KeKe also shines on this hit!


Regina Spektor_How?***messymandella***

Babi Mac-Marilyn Monroe***messymandella***