Things Get Heated—NSFW: Jack Thrilla:Lady Luck Calls Out Chanya Ashley For A Smack Battle! ***messymandella***





  I had no idea this battle was available. As women in the game we have to reach out to other’ women that are part of the culture, and grinding and building their own empire.
That is how we build a community and our culture needs this,right now.
Women who want to be heard and respected with their clothes on and keep their head in the game.
  I would have watched this battle and clash of the thick sistas’ fight a week ago on Rapgrid, but women we must promote our own, for views.
Yes, sista’s are doing it and making  sure that their own voices are  heard, and not ignored.

I am a Norma Bayts,fan. I have always been.
She came a long way from always being mentioned mention for her body and outfits and not her understanding of a hot 16.

She has stage presence and a sense of humor , just like Morawsha from Kansas.
Real Battle Fans understand that Boss Chicks always have to pound the pavement and represent their business plans just to create a league.

Female battlers are in a league of their own. We must pay homage to  women  and also show love by giving them views.
Women are just as important to the Rap Culture.
Men, they view your  battles and visibly are present at every event.   So, why are the views so dramatically lower than the men? Promotion and sexism, and the prior believe they have ghost writers.
Give them the same respect,  because just like the men in the game  sista’s are clever, mentally equipped to write and embarrass some of you men with their  freestyle ability. Oh, you doubt me?
Well. watch their videos, retweet their battles, because they consistently personify their mentality and clever word-play and are underappreciated.

Female battles receive about 1 /4 of the views the Male battles receive.


Women are in Hip-Hop, and we aren’t going any damn where, but even if it is a battle we should also create a sisterhood.

The fact remains that you women are performers, and should have the exact views

***messymandella *** Battle Classics-Canibus vs Dizaster

Thank You All For Reading!

Thank You All For Reading!


We have new class of Battle Rap Fans that appreciate the culture.

We now can extend gratitude to Fight Klub Rap Battle,Ultimate Rap League, Lionz Den

for being the blue print of the Battle Rap Empire that has taken over in our culture and reached every ethnic group, country, and has expanded the culture.

You will revisit or be introduced to battles that are legendary and still debated upon right now!

I don’t have to even mention names…
We will pay homage to Grind Time and show case rap Legends, Serius Jones, Charlie Clips, Hollow Da Don, Tsu Surf, Arsonal Da Rebel, and Conceited’s earlier rap battles.

We will revisit battles with the late Tall T and earlier battles with Legends Murda Mook and Iron Solomon!

Beastie Boys – “Ch-Check It Out” -Make Some Noise-***messymandella***

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George Zimmerman’s Ass, Belongs To The Black Panthers!***messymandella***

Dear Black Panthers,

I am ***messymandella*** and would love to meet you guys and discuss your strategies.

I also have some ideas of my own to intensify and lovingly catch George Zimmerman.

  I am Not a racist, and don’t have hatred so I could never join “The New Black Panther Party.” 

I want you to know  I  strongly admire your organization,  in regards to this case. 

I have a vast knowledge of Quick Books and will also help pay for any high dollar Zimmerman tracking devices.

  We can also  set up an all points bulletins in any redneck neighborhood or segregated bar in any location.

Even though George  Zimmerman assumes he is hiding, broke men can’t hide well.

Do you have access to Google Maps?

Let me know if you need  a potato sack, lighter, acid, nails, or  a Bee’s Nest.

I have connections! Now the Bounty has gained followers!

Thanks In advance,  GOOD LUCK HUNTING!

Redemption Is Ours,


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Serius Jones Brings Those Barz Right Back!***messymandella***


Lest Not Forget, Sweet Brown!

    My life will never be the same.

The News and YouTube has introduced me to Sweet Brown and her son,Stanford.

 Stanford is walking back and forth. His  mom Sweet is  giving  the interview of our century. 

 Ms.  Sweet  Brown’s riveting testimony about the fire in her building, renewed me.

 Here is the original video.

However, my favorite version is the auto-tuned rap.

I catch myself singing  the rap version at work.




 Reading Is Fundamental.



these 2 cover Beyonce’s Best Thing I Never Had

Thank God, you blew it.

Thank God I dodged a bullet!