Unsung Model And First Black Cover Girl, Lana Ogilvie***messymandella***

          I would flip through magazines growing up and blossoming into a petite little woman with a colossal personality, and noticed someone too intriguing and confident for further description at that moment.

         While striving and demanding equal right are important to leave your mark, even if unsung by the greatest, her legacy has proof and she deserves her acknowledgement for not only involving her body  just her nude Instigram photos every other day,  to become “famous!”

           We are more than that just  how are thighs are and how much are body can be shown for people who don’t deserve a peek at it. Our appearances are only a miniscule block  of the foundation that composes our existence, and makes you that woman you will become and you will regret the time you wasted, on the superficial. You have the right to love your body, but there is so much more than that, you could be advertising on-line.




I glanced at an advertisement and noticed the Breath Taking and confident, Lana Olgivie.




I already made my mind of what Gorgeous meant, and who was the fashionable woman who would be my fashion muse until I gazed at Lana.




           Once I left my high-end job of cooking chicken at Hardees and smelling like a chicken pit and covered with flour every other day;I still maintained my hair styles and kept my Cover Girl powder and wet and wild lipstick on stand by.
I would escape into my own world and buy myself three magazines with my Hardees check, because I was filthy rich. Yup, rolling in chicken flour and dough…



  Lana Ogilvie created a vast amount of opportunities for women of color,and she should be paid homage to buy every model of color.

Lana  still remains current in the model agency and as stunning as she was  over 20 years ago. This lady is a trailblazer for all women in the industry.




    Lana  has appeared in Mademoiselle, Essence, Sports Illustrated, Elle, Vogue, Glamour, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also created her own  jewelry company,”Sabre.”



             We women must remember  those that were integral in our perspective as children. Every one that inspired you in the past are of course the reason and inspiration for the person you have become!




In this fashionable and ever-changing world, talent and class never can be forgotten and self-respect and inspiration should be celebrated.


Covergirl 1993

Covergirl 1993


       Lana Olgivie has contributed too much to fashion and innovation, and cultural acceptance and stayed humble and still lives a private but well documented life.




       Lana Olgivie is currently  a model at Heffner H2 Women!  I could not verify her exact age, true woman of mystery and intrigue, and when you are that amazing, does it really matter?



January 2015: Da Hell Is You Wearing? ***messymandella***


RIP:The Journey: Big Ten Basketball 2014 – Adreian and Lacey ***messymandella***


A courageous little girl named Lacey wanted ONE wish, to meet Adriene Payne!

 She had an inoperable tumor, but lived life with pleasure and cherishing every moment, for the remainder of her life.

She was amazing and captivating.

Lacey, we Love you more than you can ever will imagine.

You are one of the stars that even when we can’t see  your spirit will still shine.

You embody everything a soldier embodied to fight a war.

You will stay in my heart,as an inspiration for the love you gave in your little heart.

You always will have a place in everyone’s heart with that contagious smile.

You inspired others that fight to survive with dignity and live every day like they were dying.

It makes the stupid arguments and grudges that we hold in our heart seem miniscule because life is a gift, we can make it a curse.

Lacey was stronger than many of us.This baby lived a life of a meteorite, and she was the driving force in Adreian Payne’s life.
I love you baby and I have tears for you right now!

Please keep being an inspiration as our little angel that left too soon.

You were loving, and beautiful and heaven has a new little angel.

Thank you for being a remarkable light in everyone’s eyes that met her and had a chance to witness her spirit.

I can’t fathom someone so young preparing to die, but as of now she has accepted her fate!

This little lioness will leave stains on your cheeks,as she did to me and the pain in my heart.

Lacey,You were here for a minute, and that was all that you needed in this life, courage and love.

Are You Married To The Streets, Well Will Death Will Soon Do You Part?***messymandella***

At times, it is so easy to get real gangster confused, with studio gangsters. Some of your favorite rappers are false flagging to get that street recognition. Once, you go to any child’s funeral, and watch someone get beat up for wearing the wrong color there is zero tolerance. Snoop Dog, is a gang member, but he is not a street soldier. The street soldiers expire earlier, the closer they are to the streets. I plan to show as many gang funerals, and speak out against them. The adults that want to destroy and enslave our community are on their own. If we educate these little boys and girls left in our community, they will not suffer the same demise as Lil JoJo, and Robert Yummy Sandifer. If you know a boy and girl that you want to save from this never-ending trap, show them enough to scare them straight out of this foolishness. Obviously they can’t look up to other gang members for support, because they are ruthless bastards that money takes over respect, heritage, and self preparation.STOP KILLING OUR RACE!
It is pathetic that a woman has to stand up, and speak up for our well-being. Everyone’s hands are dirty in this game and you can’t have a conscious, putting that flag in your back pocket. The black family in the hood is looked at as ignorant, lazy, and uncivilized. Gangs infiltrate the black family, like a hurricane. I want to be able to know that I never sold out for a dollar, or ethical beliefs. I am convinced that gangs are evil, and set up by the government to infiltrate the urban communities. Yes, they belief that if money is thrown our way, we will sell our souls. It is starting to look that way in the music business, and our communities.

“These wings were made to fly”

Little Mix Wings