UNICEF NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT!***messymandella*** Philippines Typhoons Relief Needed!

We must protect our babies!

UNICEF is taking that initiative, as always to save our children.

Even if these babies are not in our country; they still belong to all of us.

These children are terrified and heartbroken from loss and need food and clothing.

Many kind hearted souls have became part of the renovation of these poverty stricken locations.

If you do not have money and resources to lend support to the cause, we understand in this economy.Time is just as valuable as the money!

 Send your thoughts  and your prayers! The positivity and spirit will also help these babies find relief in this horrendous time, we can stand strong together!

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“My heart goes out to everyone affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
I was in Manila with UNICEF just two years
ago and saw how vulnerable to natural disasters the country is. Thousands of
homes have been destroyed, roads are impassable and children and their families
need food, water, shelter and power right now. UNICEF estimates that 4 million children could be
affected by the disaster and are stepping up their emergency response. Children
need your help. Please support UNICEF’s work for children affected by this
terrible disaster – visit unicef.org.uk”-David Beckham

Here is what UNICEF accomplishes!

National Committee
Mail address
United States Fund for UNICEF
125 Maiden Lane, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10038

got to: http://www.unicefusa.org/about/contact/


You Are Only Here, Because Of Your Heart! ***messymandella***

          You were born with this inner strength.Older people will tell you that a newborn baby is the closet replication of an Angel.The heart is the machine that controls all are functions, so why did we stop listening to it? We get so caught up in characterization and status, that we have learned to ignore our heart. The heart is the single most important element in this universe.
      Why did characterization, become more important than the heart? Image replaces love as a survival tactic. The toughest Drug Lords lead out of fear and reputation. Of course, they still have heart. They have families, and friends they would die for at any given moment! If they listened to their heart and showed weakness, they wouldn’t be rich off of bloodshed. Some of us, have conditioned ourselves worry free, without a moral and spiritual code. I don’t believe you should live through a characterization! To be authentic, you have to live through your heart. It is what brought you here, and in the end the single most important factor that keeps your here.

     Are you living from your heart? Are you caught up in an game of deception, and corruption that you can’t seem to turn your back on, at this time? You forgot that when you were born, you were the real you. You came in this world with your heart beating. Over the years, we take our heart beat for granted. Now, we assume that we can live anyway we want, hurt who we want, and still feel that spark between our chest!

         You somehow miscalculated your time on this earth, or think it is your choice . We have all wasted valuable time that we have lost forever. We selfishly utilized materialistic things to define our character, and build our ego. Some of the most amazing people have been overlooked, or misjudged by the character they portray. They are living through someone else dreams and aspirations, and sadly leaving themselves behind.
           I have so much love in and compassion. I will cry over a stranger and give the free time that I have,to a charity or event. I am, who I am! I am compassionate! I live with a conscious and a back bone, and I know my faults. We are not perfect, but we are here, and you can always remember the moment you stopped listening to your heart.

          You can have money falling out your pockets, 3 mansions, and 15 mistresses. All of that is a distraction, and it doesn’t even compare to your lasting legacy, and your soul.
Self Evaluation is the only reason, that I made it through what some can’t get past, or use as excuses.
     I didn’t let any factor forbear my arrival,and ultimately, I became me! When I ignored my heart, I regretted it! Now, ignoring my heart is not an option, with the gifts that I have been given. When you are tired of being who everyone expects you to be, it would be a blessing and an honor, to envision the real you! We are born with pride, love, and dignity that can bring to this crazy world.You can’t accomplish anything, when you don’t listen to your intuition!
     You are a blessing, and you are not a mistake! Every moment from now on, could be a new you! I keep a tight circle, because “Bad Association spoils useful habits.” Say, what you mean and speak your heart, becomes time is fleeting.

You can’t relive yesterday, but you can learn from it!




If God was to ask you to prove why you deserve to enter those “Pearly Gates”,what would you tell him?

Death From Child Abuse:Kelsy Briggs***messymandella***

Women and men are responsible for who they allow  around their children. You are the care giver and protector. The Department Of Social Services are the voice of babies that are being tortured and abused. This baby will never have a chance to grow up, and make her daddy a grandfather. Kelsy is watching, and I assume wondering why she wasn’t saved, when all the signs of abuse were clearly in plain sight. In one heartbreaking moment, you will notice that this baby has 2 broken legs. I guess when you are an Angel you don’t need legs, because you now have wings. When an Angel walks into the room, do you think they can sense danger? Well In this video, it is evident that little  Kelsey was in danger, and  it changed her demeanor. This baby was murdered in 2007. Her father was away fighting for his country, and he came home to reunite with his daughter, but had to plan a funeral. Child Abuse is painful, and I am sure it is not a laughing topic, but what if you know a child is getting molested and abused, and do nothing? You are in fact helping the abuser, by concealing the crime. Kelsy Briggs will rest in heaven, because her mother  made sure that she suffered hell on Earth.



Smack / URL Presents DNA VS Chilla Jones***messymandella***

 Damn, I miss that old DNA! Something is in fact an absence, He is showing up for battles like its work release! Tooth or no tooth I need to hear that DNA that battled Dizazter!  Maybe we should revisit that DNA that made Rapper Ness have a menopausal break down on stage? DNA what ever you doing, get back to you. Bars for days, schemes for years but heart is somewhere else. Those were my reflections from his last battle. Now DNA is back!, I witnessed that toothless MC on the stage against Chilla Jones, reborn.  Welcome back, DNA we missed you! 

    Chilla Jones, a Boston native, uses schemes and  and barz were  not forced as usual. He seems more in his element. Chilla Jones has one of the best first rounds, i have seen in a minute. Check out 11:00 to 11:27 on this video, and you will appreciate Chilla Jones,  Next battle, I want  more of this Chilla Jones. A few distractions,but Chilla Jones was haunted by Earl.   At 27:12 watch Poison Pen tell him “Go,go…” and he turns his mouth and says “tuxedo.”

Earl needs to leave these battle rappers alone!

No clear winner. Say what you will, but both men held their own.

I think DNA’s last round redeemed him for his latest mishaps!

Baby Stabbed 90 times By His Mother***messymandella***

article-0-1AC38D07000005DC-183_634x565Sad news about an bitch of a murder. How in the hell can you do this to an infant! She was breastfeeding, and baby bit down on An eight-month-old boy is lucky to be alive after he was stabbed 90 times by his mother, mostly in the face, for biting her while she was breastfeeding.Xiao Bao needed more than 100 stitches after the incident in Xuzhou, China.The baby will still be a member of that househould. Yes,you read it correctly they will return baby to the mother who stabbed and mutliated her son.Why? I am guessing so the mother would have a chance to finish what she started…

Please if anyone could find a way to help that baby, do something. Anyone in The infant lives with his mother and two uncles, who make a living recycling rubbish. It was one of the uncles who discovered Xiao Bao lying in a pool of blood in the yard of their home and rushed him to hospital.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2360263/Baby-stabbed-90-times-scissors-Chinese-mother-bit-breastfeeding-him.html#ixzz2YrNjJ3h8