Should Zoe Saldana Play Nina Simone? Hell Naw!

I am Nina Simone!

You are Nina Simone!

Zoe Saldana is NOT Nina Simone!

 Give the High priestess of Soul her due.

This woman did not have that Hollywood Standard of Beauty.

She did not have a tiny waist.

I am being brutally honest in saying,Zoe is too light to play Nina.

Nina had darker skin.

Beautiful skin comes different hues.

 I am not expecting Beyonce to star in a Biopic  portraying India Arie

 Zoe Saldana is Stunningly Beautiful.

 Nina Simone reflects that “I am beautiful, no matter what you say” attitude!

 Nina Simone will have to come back in her physical form, before this gets a blessing.

I  can’t consign  this.

Who the hell cast this movie?

Yes, truth hurts!

I will just have to tell it like it is!

That’s what I do here!

If Zoe  can play Nina,lets see who else should star in biopics! 

Rhianna  as Hattie McDaniel!

Boris kodjoe as Sam Kinison!

 Angelina Jolie as  Oprah Winfrey!

Justin Beiber as Stevie Wonder!

Emma Watson as  Bessie Smith!

Kevin Hart as Thurgood Marshall!

These are ridiculous, about as ridiculous as Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone!

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