bob bowers- one tough pirate is still fighting ***messymandella***

Bob Bowers is an AIDS Survivor and determined man!
He has abandoned the victim role and became a fighter who believes with diligence and self awareness you can live your life, but take your meds. Bob is a part of my selective Twitter Fam, and I love him for his courage and bravery.
Here is a glimpse of A mortal that will remain unchanged by his diagnosis, but will vow to give reassurance to those men and women that have contracted the disease. Even The HIV negative family must  support the HIV Positive family. No one should fight alone.



One brave boy tells the world his story to warn us about the danger ofunsafe sex.

He no longer is physically with us, he died  but his dying wish is to make other teens aware of a truth that seems to be getting ignored.

This boy wanted others to look at his struggle, imagine his pain and not live life in denial about safe sex and clean needles, and the exchange of bodily fluids.

Some think they are invincible, his life proves no one is. Stay safe, Know your status! Use clean drug needles.

WE need you here!


“Youthquake, USA Network Teen TV series , Ace Award winning special about Teens with AIDS. This is a hard hitting real world look and the AIDS crisis and American Teens. This segment features a heterosexual teenager that is dying of AIDS as a result of unprotected sex. Jennifer Smith the creator, host and producer of Youthquake spent the last year of Steve’s life with him as his wish was to document and share his death with youth around the world in hopes of raising awareness and saving young lives. People Magazine rated this special A+”

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Man HATES Condoms And Believes AIDS Is Not A Real Disease!***messymandella***

Let’s assume that AIDS is not given and transmitted through blood and bodily fluids. We still know it exist. Some people argue about the origin of AIDS.  How can anyone with a straight face, deny that AIDS is a disease?

I don’t have AIDS but so many people are living and dying from it, every day. Hopefully no one you know is in denial about a deadly disease. He is socially responsible for anyone that follows his ideology. 48,000 have already watched this deliberate misleading and deceptive message!


I want to interview your dumb ass.