Can You Resuscitate Your Emotional Death? ***messymandella***

Living without a moral blueprint, ain’t living at all!

There is nothing wrong with adopting a financial blueprint but you must also follow a moral one too!

What happens when you close your eyes forever?

I keep a light on for hardened hearts,that push away emotions to fatten their pockets!

I have love and respect for them because they have a damaged heart!

I refuse to give up on them!  

It is easy to avoid any emotional attachment to  further your financial planning, but what if your parents utilized that philosophy as their parenting guidelines, treating you the same way?

What if your mom withheld hugs, nurturing and emotional values from you, because it wasn’t profitable?

Money and Riches are easily used to demonstrate strength!

Money is mandatory to feed, clothe, and flourish!

What you don’t understand is that if you have trust and drive financially, you can include emotional in the equation.

The most hardened hearts, are the ones that have knowledge to improve our situation.

If only they would stop, listen and respect what has always been here, their emotions.

Tears, failure, and betrayal are always going to a part of a risk in every situation.

If you take the risk financially,you can take the risk emotionally.

You can be restored!

Your heart isn’t dead yet, your just on Life Support!


Feel That Warm Water***messymandella*** Singer Banks

Well, aim higher for this!
That person you wants, feels you spiritually.
Who will be the first one to admit that attraction?
Someone has to feel comfortable, to make that first move.
You just know that person should be in your life, even as a friend first!
Show yourself, but don’t get catfished!
Stand up for yourself, admit what you don’t approve of but still have their back!
Speak from your heart, but don’t compromise your work and your heart.
I believe they already know that something about you is keeping, them on their toes too!
When you finally make that connection, be aware you will be tested!
Don’t compromise your morals, just be you baby!

They know!

You just know!

You Are Only Here, Because Of Your Heart! ***messymandella***

          You were born with this inner strength.Older people will tell you that a newborn baby is the closet replication of an Angel.The heart is the machine that controls all are functions, so why did we stop listening to it? We get so caught up in characterization and status, that we have learned to ignore our heart. The heart is the single most important element in this universe.
      Why did characterization, become more important than the heart? Image replaces love as a survival tactic. The toughest Drug Lords lead out of fear and reputation. Of course, they still have heart. They have families, and friends they would die for at any given moment! If they listened to their heart and showed weakness, they wouldn’t be rich off of bloodshed. Some of us, have conditioned ourselves worry free, without a moral and spiritual code. I don’t believe you should live through a characterization! To be authentic, you have to live through your heart. It is what brought you here, and in the end the single most important factor that keeps your here.

     Are you living from your heart? Are you caught up in an game of deception, and corruption that you can’t seem to turn your back on, at this time? You forgot that when you were born, you were the real you. You came in this world with your heart beating. Over the years, we take our heart beat for granted. Now, we assume that we can live anyway we want, hurt who we want, and still feel that spark between our chest!

         You somehow miscalculated your time on this earth, or think it is your choice . We have all wasted valuable time that we have lost forever. We selfishly utilized materialistic things to define our character, and build our ego. Some of the most amazing people have been overlooked, or misjudged by the character they portray. They are living through someone else dreams and aspirations, and sadly leaving themselves behind.
           I have so much love in and compassion. I will cry over a stranger and give the free time that I have,to a charity or event. I am, who I am! I am compassionate! I live with a conscious and a back bone, and I know my faults. We are not perfect, but we are here, and you can always remember the moment you stopped listening to your heart.

          You can have money falling out your pockets, 3 mansions, and 15 mistresses. All of that is a distraction, and it doesn’t even compare to your lasting legacy, and your soul.
Self Evaluation is the only reason, that I made it through what some can’t get past, or use as excuses.
     I didn’t let any factor forbear my arrival,and ultimately, I became me! When I ignored my heart, I regretted it! Now, ignoring my heart is not an option, with the gifts that I have been given. When you are tired of being who everyone expects you to be, it would be a blessing and an honor, to envision the real you! We are born with pride, love, and dignity that can bring to this crazy world.You can’t accomplish anything, when you don’t listen to your intuition!
     You are a blessing, and you are not a mistake! Every moment from now on, could be a new you! I keep a tight circle, because “Bad Association spoils useful habits.” Say, what you mean and speak your heart, becomes time is fleeting.

You can’t relive yesterday, but you can learn from it!




If God was to ask you to prove why you deserve to enter those “Pearly Gates”,what would you tell him?