the murder of sakia latonia gunn (May 26, 1987-May 11, 2003)

Sakia Gunn, lost her  life lost through hate and prejudice.sakia in a dress

            Sakia Gunn, was a daughter, and a woman who lived her life honestly and openly. Sakia, never wanted to be anyone but her true self. Some of us should question our own teachings, and hatred toward anyone that lives their life openly. Sakia never made it to  her Sweet 16 Birthday.. Never had a chance to fight for her cause.  She had two strikes against her,being black and being a lesbian. Sakia, an openly gay and black really would fight many battles. sakia-and-mom

         Sadly, Sakia lost her life because of who she was and what she believed. Her  honesty and pride with her self, was too much for a disturbed man. Sakia’s story has been whispered around urban neighborhoods. It’s time for her life to be remembered, as brief as it descended.

       Sakia was a 15-year-old teenager walking home with her  friends in Greenwich Village. As she was walking and getting ready to go home, men were flirting and trying to get their attention. Sakia Gunn ignored their advances. When Sakia and her  friends walked away they told the men that they were lesbians. Sakia’s murderer decided to get out the car, and stab Sakia Gunn in front of her friends. You can also watch her movie and read more about her life and read more about her tragedy.


                                                                             Sakia died  in her cousins arms. Sakia’s life and death were detailed in “Dreams Deferred:The Sakia Gunn Film Project.”

Your life is about choices, and honesty within yourself. Sakia knew who she was and was not afraid to tell the world.  This  little girl, did not get press and of course attention,but that is why at we will always remember people who the FOX and CNN and other news outlets have  forgotten.

graphic- a killing in knoxville: the murder and rape of channon and christopher***messymandella***


Chipman Street resident Lemaricus Davidson was broke and angry. His girlfriend, Daphne Sutton, had left him. He had no car and no way to earn money.

“Selling dope, that’s what I do,” Davidson would later tell law enforcement.

Law enforcers knew, however, that Davidson was not simply a drug dealer. He was on parole for carjacking and, in the days leading up to the abduction of Christian and Newsom, was suspected in a series of robberies.

In the days before the couple’s abduction, Davidson’s brother Letalvis Cobbins came to Knoxville from Kentucky to stay with him. He brought along friend George Thomas and girlfriend Vanessa Coleman.

None of the these murderers had jobs money or vehicles. Cobbins and Thomas were homeless. Coleman had a salt-of-the-earth family to turn to for help but chose not to.

Davidson grew increasingly angry over what he viewed as the freeloading of his brother and his guests. He turned that anger on Sutton. She left him on Jan. 5, 2007.

I cried for days because of the torture these two endured.Why didn’t they just let them go? This is personal and sadistic, this was a reflection of their evil and delusional ideas that these two innocent people deserved this torture. I will tell you that it is indeed demonic and senseless. These young people were murdered, and BOTH were raped. This was a lynching. Yes, White people can be lynched also,and no one needs to seems to graphic to imagine. Why would anyone beat and rape both people. Now the autopsy will break your heart. They planned to watch a movie and ended up here.death trap

This might be the most horrific story you will ever witness.
Two people kidnapped, raped and tortured by 5 strangers in 2007.
I can’t imagine what fear these 2 people encountered on their last minutes on earth?
The killers were given a retrial December 1, 2011.
These bastards also were given another chance at freedom.
This is Letalvis Cobbin’s testimony on trial.
Don’t you dare feel sorry for this cold-blooded killer!

Don’t you dare feel sorry for these cold-blooded killers!

How can these five people find any excuse for this torture?


Channon and Chris were both brutally raped orally, and also anal penetration.They were demoralized and treated like sex slaves, by men and women upset that they had no money, and couldn’t get anymore money to purchase weed, and alcohol. They located Chris’s body on the railroad tracks.Now, they could have put him out of his misery,after abusing him in a gang rape. They shot him twice and kicked him, after he was paralyzed and barefoot and they were done humiliating him, they shot him execution style and set him on fire. While Shannon was forced to please the sadistic murders and beg for her life, she was kicked and beat in her pelvic area, while bleach was poured all of her body and in her mouth. They next decided to put in her garbage bag,and she was STILL ALIVE.Channon died a slow agonizing death. She suffocated in her own bruises, and painful torture while shoved in bags like she was garbage.

hate crime

Noun-Hate Crime
A crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.

Crime Scene Testimony

Bad News: Some Christians Are On Their Way To Hell!***messymandella***

Bad News: Some Christians Are On Their Way To  Hell, or that is what fear mongering manipulative organizations will tell you.

Don’t believe the hype!

Be aware of false prophets  and those that mislead you into complete mental submersion!

Some people use religion as a tool for  dividing and conquering tactics, to ultimately gain power and rage war!

Religion has been a manipulative tool ever since the earliest days of Colonialism.

I am a God Fearing Woman, but don’t push me!

I serve God, but I don’t think anyone should pick and choose what parts of the Bible they want to obey!

You shouldn’t use religion as a way to judge others, and disassociate people because of their sexual orientation.

Question any religion that creates division, or justifies hate of any kind.

Hypocrisy is usually the reason  some people  have given up on religion and have decided  to just stay home on Sundays!

I don’t think God makes mistakes, but I think that we assume the interpretation that we are given by man is completely correct.

When it comes to interpretation of the  scrolls, how accurate can we truthfully with our interpretation  in this century?

Keep in mind, God has  not strolled on this Earth, texted, or instagrammed anyone that I know, has he sent you an email?

We must research  theories, and question what we are told by man and find truth and understanding.

It  does not hurt to  question what you have been taught in a class.

Why is it disrespectful to have any other theory about morality and creation in regards to a religion you are investigating?

How do we know we are in even following HIS teachings?

 ThePICDeathrAD  and other scare tactic religions want to give you Biblical Nightmares, and pride themselves on  hate, to prove God’s Love.

No, We can’t do that, and we should  never be a follower of hate.

 You religion is not your gang!

You don’t have to hate other ways of thinking or sexual preferences.


I have friends that are Wiccans, Muslims and I grew up as a Jehovah Witness

Jehovah Witnesses believe everyone doesn’t go to heaven and only  144,000 people will make that trip up to “The Upper Room” AKA Heaven, others will live on Paradise on Earth.

I live by the moral code and  I don’t have to hate, or be brainwashed  to function in this life.

I think is important to investigate religions, and understand what you truly are practicing and not just listen to reason.

Proof and knowledge is mandatory within any  faith, so learn what is best for you,  inside your discovery.


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NSFW:Boko Haram Documentary”Our Girls!”***messymandella***

Women March Against Domestic Abuse!***messymandella*** 

Women Thrive is located in Washington, D.C. We regularly hold events with our coalition partners, administration staff and decision-makers on Capitol Hill. 

Education for Girls

“Why would he do it?”
“Did I deserve it?”
“Can it really change?”
“Maybe, I should stop bothering him?”
“I am stressing him out, I should have let him talk.”

Women and World Hunger

“She only hits me when I interrupt her.”
“I can’t hit her back, no matter what.”
“She embarrassed me, so I punched her.”

Women, Economic Opportunity, and Poverty.


6 Month Old Jonylah Watkins Funeral***messymandella***

If I communicate one thing to you about life,  its that sometimes the people you are around can be your downfall.

 When Johnylah  Watkins, was a baby that was shot at while in her mothers‘ womb.

Ever wonder why no one really wants to tell the truth, about this case?

I am about to tell you why you   should not  show sympathy for the father or the mother.


1.   Jonathon  Watkins was  a gang member that advised rival gang  members where  he would be that day via  Facebook.

2. Johnylah Watkins did not have a mother or father with morals and she was in the world alone.

3. Johnylah  Watkins   mom was worried more about hood status than protecting her child.

4.Johnathon should have never taken that baby with him, on the same day he threatened gang members.

5. No matter what excuse you make as a mother, you are stupid as hell to let a known drug dealer,or gang member live with you.

6. Check out the body language of both parents.

7. It’s their child that succumbed to gang violence, but they need a spokesperson for a 6 month old child?

8. Gang members are heartless bombs, so if you lay down with dogs you will get fleas.

9.The only person you should cry for is that baby, she never had protection or good parenting.

10.Never feel sorry for a Gang Member, you never know if  Jonathan  killed someone, and those shots were revenge.

I want you to feel pain, if you are in a gang.
You are part of the reason Jonylah died.
Sometimes that reality will make someone put down their guns.
I hope for this baby’s memory you look in the mirror and ask, “Why am I killing my own race, and innocent people?”

Chicago Community Mourns Death Of 6-Month-Old Baby Shot In Gang Altercation

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