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UPDATE:Transgendered Rapper Evon “Yung LT” Yung Deserves A Proper Funeral! ***messymandella***

       The Search for Yung LT’s body is still on its way, but with  results. Yung LT was an African-American Transgendered Male that promoted himself as a budding rap career before his lynching. Was it a Hate Crime, or some form of a Street Retaliation? He previously released videos in his own neighborhood, but also resided and flourished, and accepted as a man when he went that night he planned to come back home, because he left his jacket at her home. He left that night with his so-called friends, but what happened that led him to his tragic demise?

What may have been the reason that he was shot, choked and later set on fire?

         No matter what he did or said, those were people whom he considered friends and even at one time, roommates. Remember, the deceptive nature of backstabbing can build into their obsession, and altering perception in  life. You have to be able to decipher those fake smiles and each jealous glance.

       Transgender’s are in between both worlds and sexual ideologies because they know who they are, even if the world is unfaltering with their perception. The world perceives them by their sexual organs they were born with, and that is not the idea behind Trans Men. Some perceive the altering of your sex unacceptable, but at the end of the day it is your life and you deserve to have a chance at life, and these five bastards decided to play God, and brutally murder someone who loved and even shared a home with them. The police have given up on finding his body, but someone knows something.

           The men have been charged. It is not snitching, it is being a humanitarian and removing his spirit, from the unrest state that it is in. Bring him home, if you know were her body is located. Make an anonymous tip, and be a LGBT Activist, and also a human, with dignity. Yung LT’s life is not inconsequential to me, and hopefully not to you.


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America’s Shadows…HIV Risk in Black and Latino Youth***messymandella***

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TNGHT-Higher Ground- Chimes ***messymandella***

“Let’s get it, let’s keep it sexy,” shouts TNGHT’s Lunice Pierre as he exaggerated saunters across his backstage trailer towards his manager, trying to keep a straight face. The two are still practicing their new adaptation of a secret handshake, often breaking into fits of giggles, when Pierre’s DJ partner Hudson Mohawke (Ross Birchard) peers into the door looking for some lemonade to mix into the whiskey at the bottom of his red solo cup.-Rolling Stone

Meet the Canadian Duo TNGHT with Hudson Mohawke and Lunice.
They have appeared on stage with Kanye West and even produced a banger,critically acclaimed album “Yeezus.”

TNGHT co-produced Kanye West’s song “Blood on the Leaves.”

TNGHT and Lil Wayne & Jay Z will be featured on Drake’s New Album, ‘Nothing Was The Same’ that has already managed the create a buzz in the industry.
I have listened to TNGHT for a minute,and wondered would they reach mainstream success? Musical heavy weights, and Hip Hop Rookies will get a unexpectant treat from this young duo.

2nd Most Beautiful Woman Alive(Beyonce)***messymandella***