Charlotte OC – c ***messymandella***




42 Year Old-Roselyn Sanchez -Movement By Myself (Neyo -FABO)***messymandella***




Céline Dion And NE-YO – Incredible ***messymandella***


First Edition Of Style Watch: Men With Swagger! ***messymandella***



SMACK-URL TV-Bill Collector Destroys IT***messymandella***

You have to respect a Cypher.

When you hear 4 different MC‘s ride the same beat, it is always a treat to see who will outshine the entire Cypher.

Usually Bill Collector battle raps, while dancing to the beat in his head.

That’s  aggravating  to listen to at times.

Once you get past the theatrics, you can hear that he has bars.

You can not deny the rawness, and reality of a true freestyle.
Smack White, looking like Popeye The Sailor Man,  sitting on a Gold Mine.


Goodz The Animal-The Hangover***messymandella***