Gwen Stefani + Jimmy Kimmel + Pharrell ***messymandella***

sexy sista’s: peep that one shoulder swag! ***messymandella***


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The Evil And Polarizing Bullying Of Fergie From The Black Eyed Peas!***messymandella***

          Fergie Duhamel aka Stacy Ann Ferguson  born on March 27, 1975 began her pursuit of  stardom at an budding age of 8 years old. She was a   preteen sensation on Kids Incorporated  and her voice and pitch are never  questioned. 
         Fergie in her teenage years embarked on a musical trio “Wild Orchid.” If she has voice training, dance ability, and songwriting capabilities why would Fergie have a problem with the media, and why would she be bullied and polarized?
            Most women would ponder the exact  question…
           Well, someone about 5 years ago labeled Fergie a “Butter Face” and that began the bullying, and taunting of Fergie. It was horrifically unfair and simply untrue. She even addressed the criticism on her last album, with the lyrics “Who are you?…” because the critics were cruel enough to even go this far…
           This  evil picture originates from the sexist and misogynist site Moe Jackson. This is were apparently a bunch of losers go out to get laid by many, while living in the motel 6, or their mom’s garage. So where is she ugly?
Who decides to torture women and belittle them in a collective group in front of millions?
        We teach our women to strive to become successful and to not give in to belittling and further are dreams . Fergie has perfected her craft and has a strong impact in the music  industry,cosmetic world and  LGBT world and has been humbling and  truthful about her past drug addiction and fitness being  an integral part of her distraction not to relapse and her formula to sobreity. She apparently had an bladder accident on stage, but she spoke honestly about that too.
She is quoted by Scotland‘s Daily Record newspaper as saying: “I had a few drinks before going onstage, but I didn’t think to go to the bathroom.
“We were jumping around and my bladder just started… you know.”

     Fergie is pretty, and she has unique features because she is biracial. The woman is Irish, Scottish, English, Mexican and that alone make her  features unique.  I am dumbfounded how any man or woman could be that horrendously venomous to someone that has  struggled and never gave up on stardom.
        Fergie is not going away and she is attractive. Her eyes are beautiful and you have to remember women get older and self-esteem is fragile at any age, and you should never openly  online,in a chat group, or on any gossip site taunt some repeatedly ugly.
         We all have mothers and I doubt all of them are as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez or Rhianna.
      How would you feel if it was your mom that was openly called ugly and taunted when she has never done anything to deserve it?
        Fergie is who she is, and if you don’t think she is attractive, look away but I have seen her husband Josh Duhamel, and I doubt the critics that are calling her unattractive have a chance  in hell to get with her anyway…



Portishead:Give Me A Reason… ***messymandella***Issac Hayes-Ike’s Rap 2


Gwen Stefani – Spark The Fire***messymandella***

August Edition: Blonde Ambition-***messymandella***


Let Me Blow Your Mind***messymandella***

Gwen Stefani and Eve

Gwen Stefani-4 In The Morning***messymandella***

PARAMORE-NOW ***messymandella***

Paramore uses that Pop and Ska Vibe made famous by No Doubt, and Gwen Stefani.

Paramore uses their unique approach to vocals.

The guitars are always harmonizing behind Hayley Williams powerful voice.

I may have to agree with Hayley, this seems to be their best music yet.

Fueled By Ramen, keeps producing some of the unique, hits.

Who would think that all the artist are making money doing something they really love?

That is the life! Check out this Joan Of Arc,  Apocalypse  Video.


Gwen $tefani= 4 In The Morning



  Gwen Stefani has stayed in the limelight for over a decade.

Gwen is a fashion Designer, Singer, and mom.

 She also has her own little Chinese girl gang, The Harachatorsaidwha Girls. 

She still is a punker chick, are those  Doc Martins?

“4 Am”  should have been a bigger hit.

The song never even bounced on most playlist.

One of my favorites, the song has an 80’s feel.

Gwen is beyond beautiful,and talented.

Messymandella does not advocate gang violence.

Free the Hashandricetrauck Girls!