Thando Hopa Creates A New Standard Of Beauty!***messymandella***


South African law graduate Thando Hopa Is an model with albinism, that creates a positive outlook for women and men being kidnapped and killed in South Africa. In Thando’s culture killing an albino child or adult will bring you power, because albinism is a sign of witches, power and riches.



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         Charity Begins with you and I deciding to make a difference in this world.

Here are some options when time are just as important as a financial contribution.

The Simple things…

  • Establish  Learning Centers 
  • Sports Camps / Summer Camps
  • Equality Task Force Teams
  • Relief Containers / Goodwill
  • Construction Teams / Rebuilding Foundations
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Socialization Programs To Curb Violence
  • Youth Programs
  • School Feeding Sponsorship
  • Bible School Sponsorship
  • Establish Leadership Libraries
  • Safe Sex Seminars / Respect Counseling (Young girls)
  • Community Based  Secondary Schools



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Sudanese People On The Brink Of Extinction From Racial Cleansing!***messymandella***

Khartoum, Sudan-December 21,2013

Sudanese violence has escalated, without an end in sight. War and capital are synonyms when it comes to war. No one has  the  answer to end war, because the people who are in the war, aren’t the ones benefiting from the blood shed. War profits the Mitt Romney tax bracket, not the lover middle class. I  will always corrupt us and fighting and killing seem that is only profitable  to  the people who are not involved in the physical. It is easier to terrorize a nation of frightened villagers that don’t realize that their deaths don’t benefit anyone in the Sudan. The poor will live in fear, and quietly watch the military attempt  to kill an entire nation with no regard.  There is a plot to start ethnic cleansing and the endangered Sudanese are just anticipating their demise. Article quote below from  Waakhe Simon Wudu.

Juba — Brutal fighting in South Sudan has reopened deep-rooted ethnic divisions, forcing tens of thousands of terrified residents to seek shelter at UN bases or flee in fear of attacks.

“I am afraid,” said Susan Nakiden, who still has bitter memories of the more two decades of civil war that paved the way to the young nation’s independence two years ago, when when she was forced to flee her home.

“I just can’t imagine being forced to become refugees again,” said the mother of three, shocked by a week of violence that has already claimed hundreds of lives.


United Nations peacekeepers are currently sheltering over 35,000 civilians in various bases across the country, many belonging to the minority ethnic group in their respective areas.

South Sudanese are made up of over 60 different tribes, with the Dinka and then the Nuer the two main groups, although both of those groups are themselves split into several branches.

President Salva Kiir — from the majority Dinka people — has accused his former deputy Riek Machar — from the Nuer tribe, of launching a failed coup bid, claims Machar has denied.

Human Rights Watch says that witnesses report South Sudanese soldiers and rebels have executed people based on their ethnicity.

“Soldiers in Juba sometimes asked individuals about their ethnicity before killing or releasing them, or identified them from facial scarification,” HRW said quoting witnesses.

Many South Sudanese traditionally wear tribal scarring on their faces and bodies.

One woman in Juba told HRW she saw armed men from both Dinka and Nuer tribes “moving from house to house apparently searching for members of the other ethnic group.”- Waakhe Simon Wudu



(VLAD TV) Star Girl Lady Red Edition:Groupies That Receive Medicaid***messymandella***

Star Girl Lady Red, A affiliate of The Blood Gang is a stereotypical caricature. As a whole, children are being observed by what we see, not what we say. Maybe Star Girl Lady Red doesn’t know better, to do better? All black women are not like Star Girl, from Queen Of The Ring. I would be so embarrassed for acting like this, period. I usually don’t extend and ear to ignorance. However,It is necessary to know who is destroying the image of women. When you are a mother you should not brag about having money by being an escort, and a gang member. When you are delusional as this, I pray for the future of all women.



This buffoonery shames all women. Where are the school teachers, and life coaches? This turns me away from the system. They are arguing about weave and sleeping on mattresses and using each other as prostitutes. Yes, Star Girl has a child,and it burns like ether sliding down my esophagus, that she admitted she was on Medicaid and lies on her back. I don’t think that any woman or man should think this is why so many marched. Take all those clothes and door knocker earrings back, and pay for your children to go to the doctor. I can’t understand how she can hold her head up, like she be proud. When I watch Star Girl Lady Red, I understand why I encounter racism. I am not a Star Girl Lady Red. as I was watching this Jim Crowe mess I realized that she reminded me of Ronnie and Trix from “The Player’s Club.” It takes more, and who receive government assistance, should be bragging about how they are living it up. If you don’t have a W-2 , you better not have 75 weaves, gold everywhere, and Gucci. She also doesn’t mind if her daughter follows in her footsteps!
Why the hell am I out here working, when It is easier to lay on may back and get checks? The country has a double standard. Stop rewarding people like Star Girl Lady Red, who have never read a book. Women like Michelle Obama can represent our culture. This bird will have section 8 forever, and clothes rivaling a 6 digit salary. We have to do better! Make birds fly to a Job Fair, and stop leading their children into a generation of sorry broads. I come from strong women. Your ancestors wanted to have their own. They risked their life, but they needed to provide for their family.
Listen women and men, when you act like this you are giving people like Sean Hannity and Don Imus, extra material to cover on their radio shows.***WOMEN THESE ARE ROLE MODELS***

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If Harriet Tubman knew this ignorance would take place, she would have shut down the Underground Railroad. How long will your hair, and clothes sustain you? Maybe you should go to “Iavanya Fix My Life” and explain to the world and to your child why your ass never goes to work? I hope Star Girl Lady Red looks at this footage, and takes her ass to a job fair. In a way I am appreciative that her children get assistance. It’s not their fault, their mom is an Escort,Gang Member and commits Welfare Fraud. Either you have money, or not!
When are the men and women that make these babies, going to provide for them? I didn’t have the orgasm, why I have to finance someone else sexual escapades? If you are a dedicated parent that fell on hard times, you deserve all the assistance we as a nation can offer. Star Girl Lady Red, you have spit in the face of everything women have tried to carry out. Thanks QB for getting her to admit, she is stealing from the government.