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classic man the remix: jidenna ft. kendrick lamar ***messymandella***


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Be A Bold, Sexy Lion, Babe! ***messymandella***





Illuminati Pimp Mark Dice, Calls Ferguson Rioters Candy Eating Zombies!***messymandella***

The Illuminati will claim your soul and destroy your life, if you ask Mark Dice.


The Illuminati will sneak in your house steal ketchup, bread, baby powder  and drink all of your milk, if you ask Mark Dice.

We need to prepare to ourselves because Baphomet   is going to murder us all, of course that is  according to Mark Dice.

  Mark Dice The Illuminati Pimp is dedicated to his scare tactics, and undying love to sell books.

We are turned into brainwashed heretics with nothing but evil on this earth, if you ask Mark.

Here are some faithful but absolutely not tested ways to get Baphomet off your back.

You must always throw Holy Water on all people who cover their eye with their hair.

You can not step on masonic tiles nor have black birds in a cage, then you will be “On To The Next One…”

Technically I just made both of those facts up for attention, just like you Mark Dice!

If you have a one-eyed dog, he is also part of the Illuminati, and there is a chance you are going to hell.

I usually laugh at his psychotic buffoonery,but not in this case.

He mentioned these men as zombies, as in they don’t have a mind of their own for being upset.

Well Mark, you are the zombie and anyone who believes anything you say about Ferguson, is pretty much brain dead.

Stick to the Illuminati and stop laughing and trying to insinuated these people do not have a mind of their own.

Tell Baphomet  I asked about  him.