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NATIONAL AIDS DAY: Ribbon In The Sky: INTRO-Stevie Wonder(RIP-Kenny Greene)

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INTRO was one of those groups that women were in love with as soon as they heard their voices. During their career high they were mentioned with Jodeci,H-Town,Silk, Blackstreet,Hi-Five, Troop, and Shai. These urban male groups usually consisted of a all women audience members of an assortment of sizes,ages, and backgrounds. Women would travel to these shows and then fall in love as soon as their favorite group would emerged from the smoke, with of course leather pants, no shirts, but a vest with bulging biceps. All of these stereotypes disappeared as Kenny Green in In July of 2001, Kenny Greene came out! Yes, he told the world that he was a man who had been living on the “down-low” as a bisexual.

He knew his life would be ending soon because he knew he was terminally ill with AIDS.

He wanted to heal himself, and not be ashamed before he closed his eyes, forever. It was important for him to do so because he had been irresponsible and the pressure to be a straight man, in order to sell concert tickets, cassette tapes and an image that the record label used as their marketing strategy. He didn’t want someone else black, bisexual, with AIDS dying ashamed and alone. We would be full of it if we pretended that it shocked the world when Frank Ocean came out. Yes, some of you may care less, but maybe Kenny Green would appreciate the way our stereotypes and acceptance has become a shout, instead of a whispher. No one should die ashamed, of who they are, and maybe reading this story will make some other man out with the fellas afraid to tell his homeboys, cousins, or fraternity brothers that he is gay. Just remember before Frank Ocean, there was a Kenny Greene.


Respect Her Hustle? I Don’T***messymandella***Linda Fondren

Women Be Strong. There is No excuse.Waffle House and McDonald’s Are ALWAYS accepting applications.

How horrible, but truth in the message. Those bags and shoes ain’t shit without your dignity. YG paints an uncomfortable picture of reality.This will be the last, and most demented thing that a Queen can do…You sleep with someones man,that want be seen with you in public? Why reduce yourself to being an instrument? Yes, an instrument.That is not living, you deserve more. An awful thing has happened, You let what’s between your legs become your self-worth! You are someone who deserves respect, start respecting you.




Meet Linda Fondren, a Vicksburg, Mississippi mayoral candidate recently opened up about her past as a “working girl”, yes she sold ass. That is in her past! Fondren had been accused of being part owner of Nevada brothel Sagebrush Ranch not true…here is her story.