When Teaching ‘Hood Etiquette’ Goes Wrong! what in the trapped out the bando hell did I just watch? ***messymandella***

I mean if I didn’t comprehend the drug game, I do now.

Is this the “Future Trapper Association For The Future Prison Trustees?”

While those babies are dancing not  one adult is listening to this muckery, or whipping on this sweaty man? 


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Moment Of Truth Sponsored By Lil Mo***messymandella*** “Superwoman” (2001)

Classic Collaboration




Fam Lay ft Lil Flip – Rock n Roll ***messymandella***TLC +Goodie Mob-What It Ain’t?


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Thugli With The Clipse***messymandella*** What Happen?

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Meek Mill’s Plug While Leanin!***messymandella***

Meek Mill made it out the hood, and he is no angel but he has provided for his family and given money to charities. It is possible to live the life and not end up in a casket, or in “The Belly Of The Beast.” Watch this young King’s troubled start as their ambitions and drive push them to the limelight. Watch him and his proud moments being able to provide for their loved ones.Watch as they feel that self accomplishment.

Watch their cockiness

Pastor Troy – Crown Royal 4 (2014) (Full Mixtape)***messymandella***

 Mixtape Tracks
1.CR4 Intro ft. DSGB Army
2.All Out War ft. KB
3.Who You Gone Try
4.#I Know
5.Let’s Turn Up
7.Thirsty ft. La Chat and Ying Yang Twins
8.Ya’ll Got Me Fcked Up
9.Throw It Up ft. Eastside Boyz
11.Pastor Crazy
12.Retarded ft. Mesha Write
13.I Kilt Em
14.I’m A ZOE
15.Do You Mind
16.Digital Lover ft. Playa Fly
17.Shake For This Money ft. Kidd Money
18.Listen To Me
19.RIP Doe B (Them Killaz Aint Do U Right)
20.I Trusted this Young Ni…
21.Think It Over ft. Nephew Jay
22.Letter to Trayvon
23.Vice Versa 2014


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Young Jeezy=way to gone

way to gone