Kristin Wiig…***messymandella***

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queen of comedy: maya rudolph ***messymandella***

She surprisingly only gets better with time, and perfection of her craft.


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Jimmy Fallon:Pictionary with LL Cool J, Rose Byrne and Big Sean ***messymandella***




Beastie Boys – “Ch-Check It Out” -Make Some Noise-***messymandella***

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Jessie J- WILD +Big Sean+Dizee Rascal***messymandella***

Jessie J Leaves Apartment 58 ClubI once love and hate relationship with Jessie J. I have her First compilation “Who You Are.” Jessie J, for one thing has personal subject matter discussing Bullying, and sexuality, and Inner Strength. Jessie J on the other side of the game, vocal show boats to 98th power. I mean its reminds me of “Gemini’s Twin,” that SNL spoof parody of “Destiny’s Child!” No one should have to hit every syllable just to be a singer. That show boating is a distraction, from your message and vocal attributes. Melisma and lack of self-evaluation are running some fans away from her clever lyrics. Jessie J’s lyrics are self-help for anyone in depression. We know that Jessie has the potential to  be one of the most prominent voices in the Music industry.At first I thought my feeling on this Beautiful and strong woman, were biased if I call myself a feminist. The problem is that once you over sing the notes, the message gets lost along the way. She has the potential to be one of the most respected voices in her musical genre. Maybe, she will have that confidence in herself instead of focusing on hitting glass cracking octaves? After listening to Jessie’s J’s music, I am lost on her poetry that is overshadowed by the oversinging. She has many obstacles that she sings about regarding her self-esteem. I would love to hear the thoughts behind the voice of Jessie Cornish! At this moment, Jessie may have gained that inner strength that she needed.
Welcome back, Jessie J, Thank you for realizing, “Who You Are?”