Method Man + Mary J.Blige ***messymandella***



Nsfw-Go da Xuck to sleep narrated by samuel jackson ***messymandella***

This is a real book…


Don’t Steal Febreeze Or You Will Get Sprayed, It is NOT A Game!***messymandella***

I don’t know what them Scamps thought was going to Happen?

Sista Queen, in her red Family Dollar shirt was not here for these Shenanigans.

Mrs. Queen is my inspiration at this moment, for her swift and relentless pursuit to curse these women out.

You know that Febreeze is a delicacy and you never know when someone will walk into your house smelling like Skunk Soufflé on a Bed of Hot Arm Pits. You must cherish everyone in your nose proximity. These high class ladies did not anticipate the fire and desire burning inside of Mrs. Queen and her ride or die loyalty for “The Family Dollar!”
I bet they know now…
You do not want it with this Manager…
He is the “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “The Reason Why I Sing.”


Lawd Jesus: Jack Thriller’s 16 or Better Cypher (Episode 5)***messymandella***

What in the Da One-Eyed Jack Hell,  is happening here?

Watch as A.R. Stylez, Pharm, Just-Ty, Lucky Tatt and Flii Boy drop their mess over a Czar Beat production.

I don’t know if this was in the form of satire, or were they in need of a Cypher Tune Up?

These are not “Hot 16′s”, these are “mild 13′s!”

I am more convinced than ever, that my 86 -Year- Old Grandma can kill a Cypher!

Just Playing!

Seriously, these MC’s were creative and I see immense talent and motivation,  and they with more practice can improve their craft.

Some of those youtube comments were unjustified, and just hateful. 

You NEVER HATE  on new talent, because their ambition could be the only thing that they are working for, to keep them from living a life of crime!

Encourage don’t discourage!

I am messing with you talented and brave men that took the time to do your thing, while others hated in the YouTube comment section.


Go Justina, you are fire!