Jennifer Lopez Exposes The Double Standard In Our Society!***messymandella***

The women of our are world required to be quiet and just accept the double standard?


When everyone else has to bite their tounge, should you stifle your creativity?


We should all respect ourselves and live with standards but not to the point we lose ourselves to appease the masses. We will laugh at this video because we realize that she doesn’t want to have a threesome and sleep with everyone on the damn boat. Jennifer Lopez is proving that no man would take seriously a woman like this unless she called him “daddy!” It is hilarious and just proves that women know the difference between image and reality.  Feminist will always love their man or woman, but will call “bullshit” when they feel the need to, at least I do!

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***messymandella***Barely Seen Often Read, Peaks Out To Say Thanks!


Men and women should surround themselves with people that want to build mentally and physically.

When you surround yourself with haters and insecurity, you will be miserable and insecure and hateful.

If you are mortified about what you are doing in life, do something else.

You can be the master of your own failures, but don’t contradict yourself.

You don’t have to look at me to understand my thoughts and ideas.

However, I do exist…

We have all been up against the wall and kept our heads high, and  we will reap our benefits in time.

Be patient and happy with you, I am !

Shake That Evil off of you and celebrate Life!

Hope and faith, and loyalty creates a recipe of progress, and leaves us all connected.

My readers and my friends who help tell someone elses biography are witnesses to the power of redemption.

These stories sustain me, and that motivates me to do more for culture and it is  the reason I know life has more in store for me.

So many opportunities, and so many exceptional things are destined for you!

You have to stay guided and confident, and giving.

Don’t let negative emotions get involved with your struggle.

Love the men that surround you and let them know you believe in them, but will speak up against the misogynist acts of women.

“You will never see me coming, but you will know when I get there!”- ***messymandella***

Now, back to being Incognito….

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Happy New Years From***messymandella***


I am blessed to have you people in my life. I am in awe at  you guys for being true and enlightened beings. We can prove to the world that if you don’t stand for something , you will fall for everything. Always open your universe to everything that you deem possible. Everyone deserves to know when they close their eyes that someone loves and needs them.

I need you!

We will get Santra Rucker’s story out to the world.

We have our own community of brethren who love LGBT Rights,  Art,  Fashion, Human Rights, Beauty, Equality, Battle Rap, my rantings, and Feminist Theory available at ***messymandella*** Love you!

I am so glad that you guys want to help strangers without any financial regard, because of our morality and spiritual wealth.

Thank you!