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       The Beautiful Estelle Fanta Swaray has a unique singing voice and eclectic style.She has enjoyed succsess in the United States and the United Kingdom.However, she has  a thick distinct British Accent. Simple and Beautiful Estelle  has been  a favorite of many  fashion shows.Here is Estelle in a Zac Posen dress.

Estelle is now promoting her new album All Of Me. Check out her single produced by Quest Love from The Roots.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUuEYM9vjlw&ob=av2e .She always infuses her musical style into her clothing.

Estelle always cherry picks  tones to compliment her beautiful skin.Estelle exudes  confidence. She knows who she is as a woman and all of those qualities makes her a  Style Icon.

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Estelle:A Fashion Icon With Beauty And A Voice***messymandella***

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The stunning  Estelle Fanta Swaray has a unique singing voice and eclectic style.She has enjoyed success in the United States and the United Kingdom. Inclusive and Unique lifestyle, keeps Estelle out of the tabloids. The stunning Estelle  is admired for her various  of many  fashion shows,but not by enough to get her the praise she deserves.Here is Estelle in a Zac Posen dress. Estelle enjoyed a short success on the chart with her  album” All Of Me. ” Estelle has recorded songs with the RootsKanye WestJohn Legend, and a myriad of other artist. She always infuses her musical style into her clothing.

      Estelle always cherry picks  tones to compliment her beautiful skin.Estelle exudes that undeniable self  confidence,that reflects her creativity in her clothing choices. Estelle has She has simple short bowl cuts,and spikes. Her clothes are meant to stand out, Her beautiful skin is the canvas, that makes this doll, a  Style Icon with undeniable swagger.