Cancer Issues: What Happens When You Donate Your Hair? ***messymandella***


Mission Statement

“Our mission is to return a sense of self, confidence and normalcy to children suffering from hair loss by utilizing donated ponytails to provide the highest quality hair prosthetics to financially disadvantaged children. The children receive hair prostheses free of charge or on a sliding scale, based on financial need.”

         Women of all ages should have the opportunity  to feel attractive and witness positive glances from onlookers.
Sadly, it is imperative to regain courage when we are faced with illness, and love those that depend on us to facilitate in the fight of Cancer.
In this world a little girl with hair loss will observe the glances and stares at people of all ages, but even without that hair she is still beautiful.
Can you envision one day having  long flowing pony tails and the prettiest dresses, and happiness until you visit the hospital?
Some little girls decide to wear headbands, but other women and little girls yearn to look as similar to themselves before their body chemistry changed and the hair loss results are usually observed through the deficiency of hair growth and tone of the skin.

If you can’t grow it, the world has given us so many options for  hair growth, but with the souls of  generous people, those layers of hair swept up on the salon floor, can go to a cause instead of being swept up and thrown away in a trash bin. Those locks bring smiles to tear-stained faces that are fighting a battle we can’t comprehend but sadly witness.

The locks that are donated to the cause bring happiness in a little girl’s life and are helpful to her well being and self-love. Thankfully Locks Of Love gives the little courageous princess a chance to have her crown back.

Locks of Love
234 Southern Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33405-2701

Phone (561) 833-7332
Fax (561) 833-7962
Toll Free Information Line (888) 896-1588


Ohio’s New’s Reporter Kristi Capel, Says Lady Gaga Sings “JIGABOO” Music!***messymandella***Fox is Deleting This Soon To Save Face.

“I deeply regret my insensitive comment. I didn’t know the meaning and would never intentionally use hurtful language. I sincerely apologize…”

 As a representative for the Jigaboo’s, I will accept your heart felt apology!

 However, I will need a  couple of items from you, before I accept your apology and your Jim Crow thinking.

You can ship these items first class  to my Cotton Field.

4 watermelons

6 opossum pies

3 boxes of  black shoe polish

5 bags of fried chicken seasoning

9 field hand sleeve warmers


       If you think for one second that I am nice enough to forgive your actions and your disrespect, you have never read any page on my site. 

If you didn’t know what the word “Jigaboo” meant, why did you use the word?

What were you attempting to describe, in regards to her music?

So,  for our race  relations and historical purposes you shouldn’t be fired, fire that black man who laughed.

You should be locked in a room and forced to listen to 15 hours of Negro Spirituals while “Book Of Negroes” and “Roots” plays on repeat!

That would be only the beginning of forgiveness for using that word.

Just Bamboozled!


the roots -the seed***messymandella***God’s reasons

Ray Charles, Ludacris, Field Mob – Georgia ft. Jamie Foxx ***messymandella***Georgia




Babs Bunny & Vague Present Ms.Fit VS. Ms. Hustle***messymandella***


          I purchased this fight a week ago on Rapgrid. Yes, I couldn’t wait. I had too!

Rapgrid is basically the Pay Per ViewESPN of Battle Rap.

I am a Ms.Fit fan. I have always been.

She came a long way from always being mentioned with Cortez.leader of  Murda Ave.  

Real Battle Fans understand that Ms. Fit always have rebuttals, and clever freestyle ability.

Those 2 factors are always impromptu, she is one of the best.

I am glad, that she is climbing through with that unique swagger and she reps LGBT all day.

I really can’t picture her in a dress, just saying.
          Ms. Hustle is the former queen of URL and now she is back at Queen Of The Ring.

She stepped back from battling to concentrate on her family.

She has bars,and that non stop, “get  in your face” delivery.

Ms. Hustle is not for the meek at heart.
In this battle there is a clear winner, but not really a body.

No one left the ring with their tail between their legs.

Both women repped the brand, and showed women want the same recognition as men in the sport.

Women are in Hip-Hop, and we aren’t going any damn where.

Happy 50th B-Day Michael Jordan

Stalley-Fountain Of Youth(messymandella has that)

Stalley-New Music Video-Maybach

Ca$H Out =Hold Up {Wale

Ca$h Out  

I show  Love to All artist, on their grind.

We can’t forget about the ones still making it and getting better at IT!

Thank$ for showing  me LOVE! 

Do your thing!

We can all CA$H out together!