Moorea Masa- Distance (emily king) ***messymandella***


Brika – Mumbai ***messymandella***

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Featuring Guillermo  Vadalá: 5-String Electric Bass.

Video Directed by Santiago Ardila Reyes. Video Edited: Natalia Pérez.

nsfw-worldstar video camera episode 19 / revisiting my Briki***messymandella***


    Genuine camaraderie and emotional attachments come from Buffett runs and  rating the spiciest dipping sauces. These women prove that size is just  a number, and food is just a hobby.

       Why should they not be proud, Brika should be president of Oscar Myer or Nabisco, and I am 100% percent sure her milkshake will bring  all the boys to the yard. 

       You don’t understand that she “pick it up and then  drop down” and that itself takes endurance and a strong ass back. Brika fa claims that she is  tastier than a dill pickle, she also likes to have sex at angles,Brika is a mathematician and a magician to pull that off…

   Dear Brika, when you said, “work your fat ass” my life changed forever. Thank you for your entertainment and you have a  lifetime fan. I am not a 300 pounder girl, but I still can “pick it up and drop it down!”





Emily King – The Animals ***messymandella***




NSFW: Survival IS A Blessing, Especially If It Is Not Your War! ***messymandella***


Look at their faces,listen to their horror, but appreciate their stories.

These could have been fatalities, but they lived and that doesn’t happen usually when illegal guns are pulled out to compensate for manhood.

In this world, it is time to realize how stupid and random death happens over money, fame and power.

Watch how innocent children playing tell the story, of the first time they were  shot.

Innocent  members of our community can lose their lives,over a beef with someone who they will never met and a bullet still can ruin families lives and  goals. 

The stress of  gun violence causes mental and social instability in our urban neighborhoods.
We are all trying to survive, and we need pictures, stories, and testimonials to reach the lost ones in our generation.

We are the last ones left, and our history and legacy can not be as embarrassing as this mess here… 


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***messymandella***”Holding On”(My Favorite!!) What So Not – “Jaguar” (Official Music Video)



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Emily King “Distance” Live from DC ***messymandella***




When soldiers go to War they fight knowing that even if they are away from their family for a year; that love is still keeping them a float.

Maybe that makes them fight harder to get back to their loved ones?

Distance can be a test, but when is just temporary you enjoy the blessing of knowing that when you close your eyes to pray, someone is praying for  you…

You appreciate and work harder to cherish the moments to demonstrate the authentic feeling in your heart. You can’t wait to enjoy those moments on a  regular basis, but when it is spiritual first, everything falls into place…

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You WIll NEVER Put The Weight On My Shoulders! ***messymandella***Emily King + J.Lo

Don’t let anyone make you think that the problem is you, or question your artistic style…

 You can’t be free, until you are comfortable with yourself. 

Don’t worry about close minded people who want to watch as you struggle.

You just have to live, but strive to leave a positive legacy.

The world can be a burden and people sometimes become  bitter and unhappy with their circumstances, but don’t let them convince you that the problem is you. Maybe the world doesn’t understand your demeanor, and realistic approach?  People will insult your intelligence and smile in your face everyday and be greedy and treacherous and  live every moment trying to weigh you down. I had to tell someone I love  that talent can never be stolen. A negative person can steal your pride and ideas, but NEVER your talent!

          Maybe, the person who is trying to weigh you down, assumed by  stepping on your back that they would gain momentum?  They need  to put all their weight on you, because they are not strong enough to carry their own burdens! Are you going to let them weigh you down?  I hope you remain in the light that you were born in, and keep walking in your shoes. You would be surprised  of the number of people who wish that they could fit your shoes!

Nothing comes from just dreaming, and hoping and talking.

Actions  and positive energy have to unite and become the force that guides your life decisions.

Live with dignity and a sense of purpose.

Be You!

Keep Going!

NEVER let THEM put The Weight On Your Shoulders!

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REVISITED:TRAYVON MARTIN MISSES ANOTHER BIRTHDAY! 88 Keys, Bilal, Serius Jones, Emily King, Honors English & John Forte Pay Tribute to Trayvon Martin***messymandella***



Trayvon, you will be remembered as a symbol of unity, and unjustified death.
Your parents are not alone fighting for your short life. They have millions of people they have never met, crying over you right now! I am one of them. You didn’t deserve any of this racism, you didn’t deserve those painful bullets. You did not deserve to have to beg for your life. I know you will never make it to college. You will never leave your town to follow your dreams. You have to know that you will never leave our hearts, and justice has to be served. Sleep in peace, while we fight for you! 

                These artist protested from the heart, not the pockets. Let’s be real we  have immense pain over the aftermath and Zimmerman’s freedom. Indie Artist don’t worry about the fame, because that is not the sole purpose of their lives. Think about Serius Jones, he has never stopped making music and movies for the love of his art form! Get to know these artist! They are vocal and passionate about their art, and our generation. Let’s envision more for our community and legacy.  Everyone collaborated for unity, and for personal reflection, in this tribute.   Hip Hop has to give proper acknowledgement for Indie producer 88 Keys! Bilal Serius, Honors, Emily, and John, recorded their message to embrace  solidarity,frustration and inner peace and we needed that after Trayvon Martin’s death. We still need it now! Trayvon deserves justice!

          These artist  offered a piece  of themselves, and their talents and passion to strengthen us, during the rain.  “Let It In” will be on repeat when you hear Emily King‘s beautiful  voice in the opening. The collaboration embraces us with a dramatic, but hopeful reflection   for our Trayvon Martin, and his present day lynching. This is about  Indie talent and authentic purpose and love for  Trayvon.  I  felt my  tears! Some cried inside and were  belligerent,  You owned the right to feel all of these things, when you first heard the verdict!

          I  thought earlier about how I wish this song had a an official video. In this case, I think that, it is better to just listen. Relax, take a deep breathe, and close your eyes.  Think about Trayvon ‘s recorded phone call. Imagine what Trayvon must have felt when he turned around, for that last time. After that, I want you to imagine every culture, color, and creed marching to protest.

           This collaboration will  create a dialogue and serve as a reflection of our human lives, and racism that will never die. As a nation, together we can get through this tragic and shameful misstep of the government 

          Let’s talk about love for our people, and coming together and the community outreach that gets ignored by most, and by some artist that  you would never think, would  even  be approached to collaborate in this project!  Some would we be taken aback that Serius Jones would be apart of  this political effort! His  intentions were not based on money, but solely from his conscience and vast love for  his people! Too bad he’s being judged by actions that he didn’t foresee or instigate.This is a glimpse of the Real Serius Jones.

           This song is a sermon, for you, and a reflection of moving life forward!   We need to appreciate artists  that love our struggle and desire!  We can cultivate a positive environment for our next generation.  We will build, and be better. All of Us!  This is the joyousness,after pain and reflection  in Hip Hop that is part of our culture!

 Sadly as of late, you  can sometimes forget it even exists.

“Let It In!’






Listen To The Reserved Miraculous Talent of Emily King + Jazz Musician Jose James***messymandella***

         The eye-catching beauty and modesty of Emily King is a faithful companion in the heart wrenching lyrics that narrate her life, and her travels. Emily King never disappeared from the music scene, she has cultivated her sound and that in itself is why her fans respect her. She is just making music that suits her and reflects her inner self, after she took us through her “East Side Story” she explained her life growing up “different” and in this world, “different” is a blessing. Any artist knows that the reflection of their soul is in their music and life. She cultivates herself in any musical creation. Emily voice is  haunting and enticing because she includes herself in every line  she sings and you will think Emily is singing to you in a closed room, while you are crying,healing and  going through in your own Evolution.Emily helped me through my tough time, with her lyrics.

          She is joined by Jose James a Jazz musician  from Minnesota that graduated from the  “The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music” in  their collaboration you can feel the unique chemistry and timing in their voices. These live session captivate their true dynamics and veritable friendship.


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