url battle league: dna and k-shine vs chess and steams***messymandella***

I have witnessed this before and I understand emotions are higher during a rap battle while adrenaline is passing through the system.

Preparation has to be a difficult task, due to the pressure of reciting and timing for your place on stage.

So why do we witness rappers loosing cool on the stage?

The gang members religion is his gang is their religion and you would have had a lighter response if you cursed God, or their child.

Chess did not touch you.


You have the capacity to reach everyone in the world with battle rap, if you leave the buffoonery at home, but those damn colors out-shined K-Shine.


No one better say that it was a reason for that stupidity, but living that street mentality in the street and providing  an art form to the masses.


K-Shine and DNA had a classic battle and K-Shine also garnered respect for his Tsu Surf battle also feature on the URL Stage.


Now, what happens to the culture?
The culture has been infiltrated by the different gang affiliations and the pride inside is lost due to the self-taught homage that we give way to, and the cultural significance that we seem to ignore.

         This moment in battle history pushes the negative racist agenda that battle rap is attempting to erase in the physical form, without physical harm.

      Of course, we let those damn  street colors over ride our mental development  and pride and turn a legendary tag team battle   to legendary embarrassment to the culture.
K-Shine, you better than this. It was no reason to launch at that man, considering the fact that Arsonal Da Rebel  was in your face nose to nose the entire battle insulting everyone in your family, neighborhood, and your gang. 


Arsonal went in on you, over and over again and you kept cool.
K-Shine you battle all the time, and you going to touch the smallest  and maybe the
youngest person in URL battle rap history.


Chess said, “Blood, I will take your food.”
 DAMMIT you in a battle, you are suppose to insult each other.


Again, Chess did not touch you.


You put all your hard work and everything you have built  with your namesake  aside to pay homage to outside mess that mentality should have been left outside and you cheated your fans, including me. 





Kate Bush – The Sensual World – Official Music Video***messymandella***




The White Mixtape Classic – Jay Z And The Beatles -Danger Mouse***messymandella***




Make Your Bed, And Sleep Like A Baby***messymandella***

Have you wondered how life aspirations can disappear?
You get buried in the past and living through every transgression.
Are you depressed because someone you loved betrayed you?
Move towards your dreams!
Leave that pain behind you, start a new.

Stop attributing every failure to a weakness in yourself.
I want life to be peaceful, and I want to thrive.

I am confident you want the same thing.
I recently felt defeated!
I encountered someone I thought was a friend, undermine everything I would bring about.
Loving and needing acceptance is something that we strive for, but life will keep going even in dismay.

You are not robotic, and you have emotions.

You will always fall short in the eyes of an envious person.

Pick  yourself  up, dust that  dirt off your shoulder!

Get that knife out your back! 


Remember, you will continue to feel pain!

Make your bed, and sleep like a baby!

Kate Bush{ Deeper Understanding

This Woman Is Amazing


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