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Sonic Youth has a cult following with of course Thurston Moore.  Sonic Youth started their musical career in 1977. Of course with any rock alternative group members, roster of members will inevitably change.  My favorite member of the group is of course,  Kim Gordon.  Kim Gordon has been a member of Sonic Youth since 1981.  Sonic Youth is part of the “No Wave Movement!”  Within in their musical career, they have released conflicting noise in the musical scene.  “Pink Flag” their most celebrated album to “Rolling Stones:500 Greatest Albums of all time. “

Listen to both interpretations of this song! Respectfully, Sonic Youth pays homage by putting footage of Karen Carpenter in the background.

Karen Carpenter has an eerie voice, but her  biography short, and heat-breaking. Karen and her brother Richard formed the hit making duo. Karen Carpenter’s voice was otherworldly, and always identified as one of the best voices of all time. The Carpenters have been sampled and covered in every music genre,  without exception.  I promise,  your favorite rapper has sampled, or has listened to The Carpenters.  Karen Carpenter of course, died of  Anorexia Nervosa. Her appearance and her music were a dark contradiction. You have a pop friendly duo that are vanilla, pop,happy go lucky image. Karen hid her true self,except in song. Karen suffered from depression, and she even admits it in her song,”Rainy Days And Mondays.” Now, I hear melancholy, and depression when she says “What I got they use to call the blues, nothings really wrong, feeling like I don’t belong.” Karens talent was overshadowed by her demise, and inner conflicts. With any artist, torment and distress will illuminate through lyrics and personal performance. Decades later, we still listen to both artist, that in itself should make both groups appreciative.

******For You Aunt Mae, I will miss you! You and Mom had this CRAZY idea, that Luther Vandross was singing to women!****


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