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Fight For Our Children’s Rights And Show Love To All, Like The Late AIDS Activist: Nkosi Johnson***messymandella***

          Nkosi Johnson born in Danhauser, South Africa died fighting for acceptance during his impending death. Nkosi did not expect to live, he just wanted to be treated fairly. He could have be your nephew, your baby brother, even your son. Children born with AIDS didn’t transmit the virus by their lifestyle, or sexual contact. Even as babies, they are treated like diseased pariahs that are a sad remembrance of their parents transgressions. Nkoski is no longer in his physical form , but he loved and wanted to play, jump and go to school, like all children want to do,but he could not out of the stigma of AIDS. Nkosi was adopted and loved, and we can appreciate him today. I know we always change the  television when Sarah Mclachlan sings, “Angel.” However, that world exist, you can’t live a sheltered selfish life, and not learn and love people who don’t have a chance to tell their story. Meet, this Angel! This sweet baby boy. Ever day remember you are breathing and you are thriving, leave a legacy, just like Nkosi.  

(4 February 1989 – 1 June 2001)

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