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Lisa Stansfield (album)

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A$AP Rocky – LSD …***messymandella***

At.Long.Last.ASAP  The mind and collaboration of  the ASAP Mob is still willingly providing music entertainment to young men and women that are required to jump on the bandwagon and not have one single thought inside of them, unless it is drug use.

It is easier to pretend this world  is better that way…

Yams, the co-founder of the Mob will rest in peace and hopefully the lyrics will overshadow the entire stereotype associated with ASAP Rocky and his clique.

Behind every talented man or woman is a demon. The same demon that plagued Jimi Hendrix also ended the life of  Jim Morrison. This “LSD” is a bright reminder of those experimental days in the psychedelic world, but after the death of Yam’s maybe it is time to be socially responsible. We deserve to hear the other side of  the Mob and in this subject matter  overshadows the talent and feeds into the  propaganda that is associated with these overlooked by hip hop heads, other rappers that are beginning their indie career that aspire to be famous as these  young men.

Let someone else have a chance and don’t glorify the horrific situation that removed your founder from your lives.


Long Live, Yams!

Laura Welsh – Ghosts***messymandella***





Mix Media Patterns From The Knowles’ Sista’s, Chloe S., Lil Kim ,Eva M. And More!***messymandella***


your song- ellie goulding***messymandella***

Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta ***messymandella***





And You Can Tell Everybody That This is your Song! Aloe Blacc VS Ellie Goulding!***messymandella***

This is your song, and you can tell everybody!

Can you differentiate the hidden truth from the part we play “on the stage” of life? Does it matter how judgments are confirmed, or who assumes the worst in you?

This is your song! Your life has a value to me! I want you to live and love like you were dying! Don’t keep playing that part, this is your song.

Say what you want about who is a deceiver, jerk, or an arrogant ass but they have just as much chance to succeed as you we do in this life.

You can tell everybody, this is your song. Don’t pretend to be an ass when you are not that person, anymore. Those gates of self-reliance can push all your positive energy away from you. You can tell everybody how strong you are, and what you will accomplish in this world.

Oh yes, the money (How could I forget?) is the sole purpose of the attitude you play on the stage. You know that his heart is huge, but his ego is a little bit bigger!

That person still deserves a chance of redemption from the people who wrote them off as a horrendous and selfish! You can tell everybody they were wrong, this is your song.

The most hardened hearts, are the ones that have knowledge to improve our situation.

If only they would stop, listen and respect what has always been here, their emotions.

Tears, failure, and betrayal are always going to a part of a risk in every situation.

If you take the risk financially,you can take the risk emotionally.

You can be restored!

You were born with a heart and it never stopped working, you are amazing. This is your song!

Live everyday as if it were your funeral,and you were in the audience. Do you think anyone will get up and talk about how much money you had, or how big of a Mack you were on Earth?

That is not what will happen, to you at all.

At the end of the day, your sense of humor, your ability to push people’s buttons, talent, and strength will be memorialized by the people who loved you for you, not for how much money you gave them.

Thank God everyday for the people who never gave up on you, and You can tell everybody the truth!

No one should die alone, and you won’t have to…