Remy Ma – Lip Sync Battle ***messymandella***



The Underachievers – Amorphous (Feat. Portugal the Man)




Chedda Boss – Wesley Snipes And Sex In The Studio (Dir. By @BenjiFilmz) ***messymandella****

Directed By Benji Filmz
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Gang Starr ft. Nice + Smooth ***messymandella***


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Wu Tang Forever By Drake: What Da’ Hell Is This? ***messymandella***

What in the “Take Care Hell”  did I just listen to, huh? 

Drake what’s this?

What’s This About?

Da Hell does this have to do with Wu-Tang?

You should be ashamed, are you popping Canadian Mollys?

Is This A Love Story?

Is it a deep emotional break-through?

You got baggage huh?

Who cares about this bird, you sing of , just wondering?


Hell No

Who hurt you?

This song is only about you, not Wu-Tang!

This song has no redemming similarities to about “Wu-Tang Forever”,you know it!

 Oh, and IF this song is about Wu tang,
Paula Dean is Chairman of the Board enforcing  Slave Reparations.

Smif n Wessun -Top Dog



Red Cafe+ Young Jeezy=Champagne For The Pain


Red Cafe has been doing his thing for a hot minute.

He usually stays in the background.

Can Red Cafe finally reach mainstream succsess?

 The underground looses the real,  once your creative freedom becomes compromised.

This is his new song Champagne For The Pain ft. Young Jeezy.