Jokes On You, I See Your True Colors!***messymandella***

Waking up in the middle of the night, wondering if someone you care about is Ok can be a toxic feeling.

Your wasting time worrying ,and it eliminates your peace and tranquility.

You come across different people in your life that can test your faith in civilization, because they are afraid of life.

They will kick you before you get a chance to kick them.

You should know that their life is a lie, and tad bit synthetic.

They want to offer you support, generosity, and affection but do they intend for you to buy that dream they are selling?

No, they are testing you to find out your boundaries.

I have been betrayed, molested, assaulted and still believe that ALL people  have love in themselves to offer to the world. Why?

The person that goes through so much to prove that they are a hardcore, feeling less jerk is the exact opposite.

The joke is on them, you can see their true colors. We can use that positive energy to embrace our community, and help our children with that heart of yours!

 No one puts so much on emphasis on hurting, hating, or disrespecting men or women unless they WANT to sell that dream to you.

The problem is that once you realize who they are and what they are going to accomplish that dream they are selling themself is a lie.

A devil can show you the truth, by trying to convince you to believe a lie.

No man hates women, and thinks they are Cash Cows and expects you to accept that fact.

He or she is skating, running, and bungee jumping through life avoiding integral growth, because that is not the cool.

Once you know who they truly are , just nod your head and pretend to understand the “dream” they are trying to sell themselves.That it is so much better than…


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Fabolous =Got That Work

Got That Work

The song and the video,as usual blazing. Fab, you have this cockiness to you! I actually Love It! That makes your music stand out, man.  Watch the video to, “Got That Work!”

 “Fall Through, and get on it!”