I was here! ***messymandella*** beyonce and nicki minaj

I love the fact that it is “supposedly” a mans world.

When a woman steps in the spotlight, it intimidates some weak-minded individuals.

Are you that strong force to be reckoned with,do you catch a glare in your hater’s eyes?

 Can you stay in the background and “bite your tongue? ”

You must not know about me…

I know that I am here to help people, and be strong!

Sometimes its hard to stay strong during adversity, but that pain and betrayal will make you free.

I don’t think any man or woman should be quiet just to please the masses.

 Sometimes it takes that small little voice to make the forest shake! 

Are you going to let anyone bring you down?

 They will make you second guess your destiny, but is that their fault you let them win?

 I want freedom from liars, racism, and homophobia!

I want Santra Rucker home!

Santra Rucker will get her freedom, or at least another chance at life, we worked hard enough!


I refuse to stop teaching young women and men about emotional and physical abuse.

 I refuse to sleep with someone who has a girlfriend or partner or be anyone’s secret.

 Lying and withholding information are the same damn thing.

Don’t fall into the trap of being simple or afraid of making your dreams your proud legacy and never let someone bully you!

 I am going to make sure that I leave my mark in this world like it or not, I am here.

I strive to give love and patience to everyone I meet.

 I can’t be like everyone else, because I am different and I stand up for myself and my beliefs.

I never look back at my mistakes, just the people who made them…

Mistakes are free and experience is a gift.

Mistakes are nothing but pain and reflection that guides you to your blessings. 

I will not be submissive, and let people defame my character.

I have a damn voice, and you are going to respect it! 

Even if you know how your heart feels on certain issues, your self-respect means more.

 We Are all Responsible to let our light shine.

I feel freedom, when I leave a manipulative situation!

I feel free!

 I don’t care when they are mad, if they deserve the anger!

I will never give in to self-serving people.

I will never bow down just to be loved.

Do you let the world see you?

I am not going to live to be 80 years old, I just know it! 

 I want my remaining time to be spent with true friends and loved ones that had my back no matter what happened.

Respect my outside life, because in my personal life I am a very private person… 

My inspiration and dedication will guide me through it all.

 I am sure that through your emotional turmoil,  you learned a lesson.

 I refuse to settle for someone who does not deserve me.

You shouldn’t either, be free and live your life!

I want to show the world that I was here…




open up your mouth ***messymandella***

Open up your mouth and speak out against racism, homophobia, and child abuse.
Your words could save someone’s life and end emotional abuse and physical abuse.
Love and support  will guide you through, but don’t suffer in silence.

You deserve respect, and protection from mistreatment from people.
Never  accept racism or homophobia. “Open up your mouth” and make a difference.


  • Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline


    Support, resources and advice for your safety

    1-800-799-SAFE (7233)




all about life and reflection from bad boy and lil kim + b.i.g.***messymandella***



Elisabeth Withers “No Regrets” – End Domestic Abuse!***messymandella***

  No one with any respect would mentally and physically torture you. 
   It is a beautiful thing to accept your past pain from an abusive relationship, and live with no regrets.
Mental  abuse is  different from physical abuse  because the bruises and scars are within. Any form of abuse tears your self-esteem down brick by brick, until your entire perception of self is destroyed.
    You can't move on or flourish or find unconditional love, until you find confidence and self-love within. 
  The emotional and physical abuser will cripple you until you can't appreciate your reflection in your mirror. 
    Emotional abuse is purposely withholding love and affection knowing it is diminishing your self - esteem.   
     The physical abuser convinces you that hitting you is their right because you are their possession. The abuser will show the entire world a completely different version of themselves, while gaslighting you. 
     You will eventually believe that this behavior is acceptable or you deserve it.  
  You will also question your value and that is the ultimate plan.
 Love is nurturing, never embarrassing or hurtful due to control or disrespect.
If someone disrespects you constantly, why would you stay? 
  People can only do to us what WE let them do. If you have to question your beauty or value, the abuser is already winning.
Take back your control. 
People have the ability to change, but only when they want to change.

You are not alone.
I am talking to you... 







The abuse hotline phone number 1−800−799−7233



The Young Turks :Geraldine Alcorn, 28, Teacher Obsessed With 11 Year Old Girl!***messymandella***This Heffa Here…

“The level of what police in Pittsburgh are calling an ‘obsession’ that a female teacher harbored for her 11-year-old student is clear.
The teacher, Geraldine Alcorn, 28, allegedly encrypted her phone number on the girl’s math homework, exchanged thousands of text messages with her and even discussed running away with the child, according to media reports.
Yet, the idiotic police doubt there was a sexual motive behind the well-liked teacher’s alleged obsession, according to WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh, which reports:
Police don’t believe Alcorn’s attraction to the girl was sexual, but say she continued to leave gifts and letters for the girl at school, even after resigning.”
The station quotes one Pittsburgh parent, Frank DeMarco, whose daughter also had Alcorn as a teacher, as describing how Alcorn related to young students on their level.”
      This is one of the most disturbing pedophilia cases I have encountered in a while. This is sickening to say the least, because even after the teacher  “resigned” she still sent  this 11-year-old girl over 2,400 romantic text, which was highly inappropriate from an adult to any child.
     This teacher even attempted to get legal possession of this child. She planned on running away with the little girl and sent her messages of profound love and obsession. This is so insane and obscene to say the least.
     Parents must pay attention to your children’s messages and text and social media habits. Social media can disguise illegal and harmful situation.


This woman is unstable to say the least, and in her mind she could have believed she was in love.
       The obsessive mind will convince you to hurt or murder the victim of the obsession. As I looked in Mrs. Alcorn’s eyes, I realized that she is a plumb damn fool. This teacher is capable of anything, because even after resigning from school, she still harassed this child.
          I pray she gets  mental evaluations and some shock therapy, and we can agree she deserves it. Why would a 28-year-old woman feel the need to text an a 11-year-old girl 2,400 times anyway?
        This is bizarre to say the least and this child could have been molested by this teacher, but story has a few holes in it because the time line is confusing. I am positive the parents thought after Mrs. Alcorn resigned that she was no longer a threat.
          The parents were sadly wrong, and this is why if children are under the age of 15 and you have social media it should be monitored by and adult to keep that child out of harm’s way.
          This little girl felt some allegiance or misguided trust for her teacher, because she never reported it to her mom. She could have thought like any 11-year-old that her teacher loved her and she would keep her teacher’s secret.
        When it comes to molestation or Pedophilia the victim will feel the need to protect their tormentor, and I understand from my personal experience this is the case. Adults are supposed to protect these children.
Don’t just let this teacher resign, this heffa needs and indictment.

        If this was “To Catch A PredatorChris Hanson would be in the kitchen waiting for this heffa to walk outside. ARREST her and punish here as if she was a man.
        She can ‘t get away with  a  crime, due to society’s  double standard. She was wrong and she needs to be locked up with Big Bertha  and Big Sally on Cell Block 6, so she can feel love during “Lights Out.”
        She is beyond disgusting for this unacceptable behavior and this little girl’s stolen innocence will haunt her as an adult.  This experience will  unfairly change her perception of the  little  girl’s world. She was too young and this should have never happened and it is mandatory to execute justice! This lady has no scruples or respect for her decisions .
               I sadly wish that this behavior would have been caught earlier.Once the damage is done, you have to live through the abuse and still attempt to do better. Even if now the  victim  doesn’t understand how the teacher that  claimed to love her, manipulated her.


Beyond Scared Straight: A Transgender Inmate Gives Advice (S8, E4)***messymandella***

George Zimmerman Is A Murdering Racist Psychopath And Other Observations…***messymandella***

Dear George Zimmerman,
         You are trash and that is the nicest thing I am going to say about you in this letter so if you feel like the 10% of you that has a soul will be offended you should stop reading now.


If you are offended  I suggest you cuddle up with a good book and your new prison husband…


you know what that jelly for...

you know what that jelly for…

The fact that you have managed to stay breathing and above ground thus far is a blessing in itself.
I don’t think anyone should ever murder you, I think life should just treat you like you treated Trayvon Martin on Feburary, 26,2012.
I just pray that every moment  you close your eyes, you see Trayvon, you bastard.
Even after murdering a young innocent man, you laughed and smirked when your little round ass walked out of court free.
While everyone was in distress and felt paralyzed by the justice system, you were setting up a charity boxing match.
Some idiot devised a plan to capitalize on Trayvon’s death with a celebrity boxing match.Only one small problem Georgie, you  are not a celebrity…
You almost convinced Rapper DMX  to box you in the ring, and even with petitions against the event you still kept smirking and were going to go through with this travesty. However, one of DMX’s personalities told him it was not a good idea, and the other 18 personalities thankfully listened.
  People assume that death is punishment for murder.

No, it is sheer  torture of wondering when Karma will come back to visit your ass, is worth more than death itself.
Say what you want, O.J. Simpson hacked the hell out of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. He got off   that charge and assumed he would never enter the prison system,  but where he at now? He copping pleas and begging to not die in prison. Karma serves its on revenge, and he has to suffer every day. Nicole and Ron are no longer breathing, but those steel bars are keeping O.J. Simpson from leaving.
Karma will finally be served for what you did to us a nation and our safety and to everyone who argued debated and even lost friendships because of your actions. You caused so many debates and confusion and tension in our nation. You also committed murder and you bullied a teenage boy.
You are scum and this assault case is nothing for what you did.
This is not retribution for Trayvon.
This is not even the tip of the iceberg.
Karma might surprise you like it did OJ over 20 years later.
You will never earn respect or sympathy and you deserve everything negative you have put out in this universe.
You couldn’t pretend to care about Trayvon or have an inch or remorse. 
Again, this arrest is not revenge for what he did to Trayvon Martin. You have so much more karma in store for you…
Send me your address, I will send you more Smuckers Jelly. Enjoy Date Night.




Bobby Shmurda, You Gotta Separate YOURSELF!***messymandella***





Damn Mitch, ain’t looking good for you…





Rap Battle | Young B the Future vs Kid Clutch | Moreno Valley vs Carson | AHAT***messymandella***

Our Men keep dying to gun violence. I love ya’ll so much and pray that ya’ll  survive. You don’t deserve this, at all….

“Young B the Future has battled some of the most acknowledge battle rappers Danny Myers, Rum Nitty and more faces Las Vegas based Scheme who has notable battles against Daylyt and Emerson Kennedy. This battle was very heated and almost ended in an altercation but luckily cooler heads prevailed. Like, Comment, Share, & Favorite to support the AHAT Movement, thank you. AHAT has become the dominant battle league from the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world.

Battle description provided by AHAT Battle League

Jay Scott Award winner Young B The Future reppin “The Murder” traded blows with Del Amo’s finest Da Kid Clutch in this intense AHAT Cali Battle.

This battle took place on the last Cali Card that was held in Santa Ana at Nap Sac. This was a highly energetic, bar and scheme heavy confrontation for all three rounds from both MC’s..

Young B has been one of the most consistent and entertaining MC’s since his entrance into AHAT, and Kid Clutch is slowly becoming one of the most talked about west coast new comers to the battle world. Peep this clash of styles in the AHAT Cali arena… Vote for a winner here Like, Comment, Share, & Favorite to support the AHAT Movement, thank you. AHAT has become the dominant battle league from the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world. for more AHAT videos. Rest In Peace.
Like http://facebook.com/ahat.tv
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Moesha’s Marcus T Paulk Not Famous Enough To Enter Unfamous Club!***messymandella***

The fight between Marcus and his girlfriend because of his lack of career success, and general low self-esteem has circulated itself to relevant news. Apparently that Moesha money does not give him that blanket of success,or recognition. Marcus also became a cast member of “Red Tails.” and that too did not gross expectant revenue, or garner success but he was able to hear every gun shot due to his overwhelming ears. Well, he began to feel ignored, while at a Beverly Hills nightclub on Tuesday night! Marcus T. Paulk supposedly accused Roxx of not paying him enough attention, and decided to teach her a lesson. When they returned home, and Paulk hit Roxx in the chin. She retaliated by swinging back and busting open his lip, and he then punched her in the stomach before forcing her to leave the premises.

The violence that escalated sent Andi  Roxx in a traumatic state, and she was left with verbal, mental, and physical abuse from her alleged abuser Marcus AKA Miles. When Roxx arrived in the to the hospital the next morning, where she was treated for internal injuries. Upon telling her doctors and the police what transpired, cops reached out to Paulk and his attorney later arranged for the actor to turn himself in to authorities. Marcus T. Paulk has not addressed the allegations publicly. His shameful allegations and box office bombs created a little man so testy and angry that he can’t control his temper and make others remember who the hell he is.

Now that he is attempting a comeback as an artist of something, he must stay visible and active in the industry,even if it is in a Chia Pet commercial. I would recognize Marcus T.Paulk’s name and face. He was in “Red Tails” and he died early in the movie. Still no one at the door recognized him or his career. Oh well, Miles can regain celebrity status if he keeps his hands to himself,and buys bottles outside of the club, or gets hired to park recognized celebrities cars? Maybe Marcus should get on the V.I.P list and congregate at the club table with Ray Rice?