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Joseph Kony Is Still Active In Uganda! ***messymandella***

       We must protect the children of Uganda, the underground but realistic  destruction and three decades of  murders are still very active, even while keeping a low profile. The death toll and the legend of Joseph Kony details are disturbing but unrelentingly barbaric beyond any magnitude. The fascination of Joseph Kony became a cause that was exploited about in 2012; backed up by sadly a nervous breakdown, after a botched marketing scheme.

       Make no mistake, Joseph Kony the leader of “The Lord’s Resistance Army” is a manipulative greedy animal.  He burns children in the house and make sure that the parents watch, and he also will force the children of Uganda to murder their own parents to prove their allegiance to the  Lord’s Resistance Army.

         This monster Joseph Kony does indeed exist and he has brutalized children and destroyed potential in innocent little minds. It takes a black hearted demon to force child soldiers to  murder their parents  and  prove their dedication to Kony’s manipulative child abuse. We have to create intervention and social outreach to rebuild these babies after they have been trained to kill for Kony’s militia.

Now Joseph Kony wants forgiveness?
        We should forgive Kony, only if he can restore every child that he deformed their beautiful face back, return stolen youth, and innocent child dreams and return each child soldier back to their parents lives back then maybe we can forgive Joseph Kony?

       These child soldiers have lost so much trust in humanity, time and mental strength and can we fault them?



Kirk Bloodsworth:First Man Saved From Execution By DNA***messymandella***

You are convinced that the justice system will work for you.  You have faith and honesty on your side,  but is that enough?  Meet Kirk Bloodsworth.  He spent his life on Death Row.  Kirk,  only became free because of the advancement of DNA Testing. Without DNA,  Kirk would not have a chance to tell his story. I am always watching “Locked Up Abroad.”  The stories  always have one thing in common,  they are never given a chance to defend and  exonerate  themselves; until they have entered the prison system.  Some people have months, and some people years that are stolen from them, unjustly.  What can someone say to you when you have lived over 15 years behind bars, as an innocent person?  Why the hell would anyone except an  apology?

Think of all the moments that Kirk will never have a chance to  experience, and all the important family events that he unfairly missed.

Smack / URL Presents DNA VS Chilla Jones***messymandella***

 Damn, I miss that old DNA! Something is in fact an absence, He is showing up for battles like its work release! Tooth or no tooth I need to hear that DNA that battled Dizazter!  Maybe we should revisit that DNA that made Rapper Ness have a menopausal break down on stage? DNA what ever you doing, get back to you. Bars for days, schemes for years but heart is somewhere else. Those were my reflections from his last battle. Now DNA is back!, I witnessed that toothless MC on the stage against Chilla Jones, reborn.  Welcome back, DNA we missed you! 

    Chilla Jones, a Boston native, uses schemes and  and barz were  not forced as usual. He seems more in his element. Chilla Jones has one of the best first rounds, i have seen in a minute. Check out 11:00 to 11:27 on this video, and you will appreciate Chilla Jones,  Next battle, I want  more of this Chilla Jones. A few distractions,but Chilla Jones was haunted by Earl.   At 27:12 watch Poison Pen tell him “Go,go…” and he turns his mouth and says “tuxedo.”

Earl needs to leave these battle rappers alone!

No clear winner. Say what you will, but both men held their own.

I think DNA’s last round redeemed him for his latest mishaps!

The Cypher 1.0-DNA_Cortez_Hollow***messymandella***

Sherman Hemsley Will Be An Artifact

Let that man lay down in peace!

 Dear Sherman’s Estate Managers,

 Why in the Weekend At Bernie’s Hell have you not buried this man?

It takes a minute to decompose.

At this rate, he will be a an artifact.

The man went to the upper room on July 24,2012.

For you to still have him above ground, is a cruel and greedy.

You are going straight to hell, FYI.

This man has been chilling on ice for half a year.

If you are going to keep him chilling this long, let him have activities.

Maybe, you should invite him to dinner?

Take him to the Football game.

Fly him in for the half time show.

You can also use him for the car pool lane.

Apparently, you don’t give a damn about him.

The only reason he is above ground is because you are bastards.

I hope the Ghost Of Weezy Jefferson,beats the hell out of you! Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

Your Sister,