Solange – Stillness is the Move (The Dirty Projectors)***messymandella***





Understand Your Freedom And Ignore Negativity!***messymandella***


The Dirty Projectors Cover Usher’s “Climax” ***messymandella***

SOLANGE + DIRTY _-__PROJECTORS_______________


The Dirty Projectors are innovators.

They dress like the Charles Manson family, but sing like slightly drunk humming birds.

Maybe that is how they gain their cult following?

In each one of their songs, they have that same quality.

The Dirty Projectors ignore the beat and it is one of their signature distinctions!

Watch Solange (Fashion Icon) and The Dirty Projectors cover “Tell Me” by Groove Theory.

That song still is a jewel.  



Dirty Projectors=About To Die