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Paid In Full. Everyone knows that this movie will always be a hood classic.

Killa Cam captivating the true essence of Alpo Martinez. Of course we know that friendship was destroyed because of evil and greed.Three men had the dreams of millionaires and lived like royalty. No matter how much money, they still needed more. Rich and Azie, knew everybody could eat. Now that was ok, until the product ran low and the streets.Alpo felt envious that he did not have the bond that Azie and Rich obviously shared. He began to act like and outsider. The jealousy that fueled from Alpo destroyed all their lives.  Rappers pay homage to the story,but its been happening forever.Jay Z and Nas, Cam’Ron and Dipset, and Lil Kim and Foxy Brown.No one died, but if everyone is getting money what creates a problem? How does it get to this point?Why does it  seem that greed will corrupt any enterprise.

The Real Murderer of Rich Porter












This is a teaser of Alpo’s Story…










The Rise And Fall of Alpo, happened after he was shot. One of the quotes of his documentary gives me chills, “Drugs and Murder go hand in hand, like steak and potatoes”.  Alpo turned on not just Rich Porter, but on his own hit man Wayne Perry. He used  Wayne and Rich.Alpo Martinez knew he would get death penalty. He killed so many people and he ordered Wayne Perry to do the same thing. Alpo was such a killer and thief that his own street team had no idea. I know in the movie, Alpo was a  monster. Alpo wanted to be the MVP! All the death and money killed the community, and destroyed families.He is in a box away from society,and maybe that is a good thing? 

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