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Lauryn Hill’s Message Of Self – Love Must Remain Imperative In The Hip Hop Culture!***messymandella***

English: Lauryn Hill, performing in New York's...

English: Lauryn Hill, performing in New York’s Central Park in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






women rapped and kept their under garments on and just spit their lyrics.

Only a few pictures of men could get glimpse of a bathing suit  a bra top or  a wardrobe  malfunction but that was it, it would go no further. Lets be clear, I also adore most female rappers in this industry but these are half-naked most of the time because is it so common place these days.

When you are an avid activist of women In the arts, such as myself, you understand  Lil Kim and Mrs. Minaj and message of female expression and empowerment, even if you don’t care for the perception and the molding of the young female minds. They are both beautiful women with a message to women, but not little girls!

However unfortunate  but obvious is that  women have abandoned the life lessons of solidarity and we are culture “Miseducated” but that money will overshadow the power to our people and education of our youth  will make millions these days.


The revised rap blue print for women   is  a paradox to the Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill and her foreshadowing on the slut like activity of women that we celebrate and even honor at the Grammys.

Lauryn was cut from a different cloth and opened our ears to self-pride and self- preservation.

Apparently the Hip Hop Nation will not be able to envision another genius who also carried herself like a queen, and not a “Trap Queen.”


Back then, a person would not be half-naked every day unless she was a day time hooker.

While we as women and men  should be someway protesting, and demanding fair treatment by men, we are subconsciously every stereotype to “keep” a man.

        Thanks to Snap Chat, Twitter, and  Instigram we are so disillusioned of  what is substantive or superficial?

      No pictures of Queen Latifah‘s big draws or MC Lyte‘s   panties would have been posted all over social media.

We relentlessly speak of Women Empowerment, but that is not what the younger listeners are going to identify with and embrace.

        The message of mental strength is lost with butt shots, mindless sex and  money over anything genuine in this life. We have to nourish our families physically and psychologically

       We don’t comprehended how lost and fake we are in this world and Kendrick Lamar is kicking off that knowledge.

Lauryn Hill foreshadowed our mental and spiritual weakening  and the truth was too scary for her so she escaped her public existence and moved out of the industry.

      Mrs. Hill is the woman who could have been on the level of Nina Simone,but she escaped her surroundings and lost her musical vision in this ever-changing hasty culture.


It is challenging to stand up for your self-respect and principles when you are trying to protect your people, usually the backlash comes from  your message from the very people you are trying to empower.


can a woman be a boss in the most popular story today! felix aka ‘La Emperatriz de los Antrax’ ***messymandella***

         Women like me, who are wanting only the best, can sometimes get confused as being too independent.
       We still need love but, we want our voices to be heard too, even when we let our partners take the lead.
Make no mistake, I am not in the drug game, or any of those underworld life hustles.
I am however motivated beyond most, and have a purpose and your is not to end up in a casket or a prison cell.
          Every movement is systematic, any street legend will tell you that quickly.
Make no mistakes, but if you do make sure that the deliberating effect, does not over ride your plans.
It however always does, because you were never destined to win.
       In this case you will watch a woman who wanted to make a name for herself and end up in the female prison. Women sometimes accumulate more life sentences than the man, ask Santra Rucker.
        Rich Porter loved by his own neighborhood, but even he couldn’t win the game.
Get Out of the game or have a plan B, because you have two choices.
You either end up like Big Meech (prison) or Robert Yummy Sandifer (death)…



Utilize that talent and make all of it for your  God-given hustle!


         You don’t want to sit back in regret with humbling tears wondering why you left your  three children behind?

         I don’t speak on people’s felony cases, but SHE used her social media to get her ass an indictment?




mrs. ella henderson ***messymandella***



Some hate mongerer coward decided to remind the world  about pure ignorance and bigotry by bombing the NAACP  office and a near by hair salon in Colorado Springs, Colorado like it is 1933  Mobile, Alabama. Witnesses claimed to have heard a loud booming at 10:45 am. on January 06, 2015. The coward that bombed the office really took evil and selfish planning by setting up bomb by a gas can, that fortunately did not explode when bomb detonated. It was undoubtedly someone who has an immense hatred in their  heart and is probably someone with a mullet that calls inbreeding date night.
Ignorance and hatred is attention based and it is a tool to deflect from the fact that they are not capable of interacting with others and hates out of insecurity and fear.
As of now, no deaths or critical injuries have been reported. I apologize for not having more information, but apparently the news outlets have not covered the bombing, and Fox News is busy hating the Muslims, black people and even black pepper.




I Can’t Breathe! The NYPD Murdered Eric Garner And Our System Is A Failure And Mutiny,Fear Mongering, Prevarication Of The NYPD!***messymandella***

               As I was laying in a bed face covered and tears streaming I can’t help but cry for the state of our world and our so called freedom. I wanted to investigate what happens when you choke? It is a little too personal and too authentic revisiting due to the fact that my neighbor’s daughter died after being choked by a jump rope.
           This is the link to that story and the outcome that changed all of our lives and questioned our allegiance and safety, this thing that is called life, and how easy it is to one minute laugh and smile and next moment,you have your soul leave your body.
           This is when Olymra died, so the wind and cold is a  constant reminder of that night, the phone call, the bubbles in her mouth and that yellow tape…


Here is that story


Back to the murder of Eric Garner
           Choking deaths do not happen hurriedly, the victims body  senses danger and the life  slipping away from them and will go to panic to receive depleted oxygen. When you grab someone’s neck or an object delimitates their oxygen,the victims natural instincts  to struggle and fight to breathe, and the victim is not painless during the procedure, sadly every moment is felt.
  Eric, a chubby grandfather  laughing and choking was bullied and defeated by a group of power-hungry barbaric idiots or what we now call,the NYPD. A man was murdered on the ground over a cigarette ordinance, or illegal charge that was something that could have been paid with a small fine in his local court office, but the ultimate price was his life. I always say rest in peace , but I doubt Eric’s soul is resting peacefully. When life is stolen, the realization of the words, “No indictment” means and will forever assume you got away with murder and assume that life will go on without any provocation, but when death is a travesty we must as a nation grow in accordance with the changes at hand. Now we must live in a world where are children might decide to shoot first, and surrender last. Seems to be the only way to make it back home in one piece You have to fight back FIRST. Men shouldn’t die over a cigarette ordinance and should not be riding to the coroner because they were jumped by the NYPD.
          When you grab someone’s neck or some object delimitates oxygen,the victims natural instinct to struggle and fight to breathe,every moment is felt and if they are resisting it is a natural reaction to depletion of oxygen.
         The NYPD outlawed the choke hold in  1993, so apparently the NYPD doesn’t have a manual or syllabus on how not to kill innocent men and women. If the person has already passed out, then it would be easier for him to die, if they do not receive oxygen. After you say, “I CAN’T BREATH” the illegal choke hold should be loosened and the person is clearly down and is not going anywhere, so why is he dead?

We have 2 Methods Of Choking Classifications

        Both methods cause a lack of oxygen to the brain through different methods. A person can lose consciousness by limited blood flow to the brain or limited oxygen intake.
When someone stops breathing and succumbs to choking it is process that is determined also by the condition of the body, and in this case Eric Garner was older and over weight and he would not be in the best shape to withhold men pounding and choking him over and over…

Live in a life full of happiness and determine your worth, because you never know when your life can be stolen by a crooked cop that will always go home to their family for dinner, while you have to go and visit your family members in the local cemetery.


Kanye West AKA Yeesus Pretended To Be Jesus And Demanded The Disabled To Walk!***messymandella***

Yep, Kanye has shown his ass for the 5011TH time.

I don’t know what happened after he made it “Through The Wire”, but I don’t like it one bit, after “Everything Falls Down.”

Kanye West and his delusional importance in literature, compared himself to “William Shakespeare” but not only did Delusional Debbie say he was going after “Shakespeare. ”

The story doesn’t end there folks, Kanye wasn’t through embarrassing himself, so the next rant he decided to tell the audience he would be better than “Walt Disney.”

“I ain’t concerned about anyone who’s living,” Kanye ranted to concertgoers. “I ain’t going after no one on the radio. I’m going after Shakespeare. “I’m going after Walt Disney. I’m going after Howard Hughes. I’m going after David Stern. I’m going after Henry Ford.”

Delusional David  is at it again, and once again it will be a night concert goers will never forget. If you decide to stop a concert make sure you evaluate your request. Don’t assume they are disrespectful, they just may be disabled.

Oh, Kanye…
 As the YouTube trolls pointed out, Kaye West MAY have noticed the wheel chair at 00:35 but let us pretend he was talking to the ghost of Shakespeare, Howard Hughes, Walt Disney…
Kanye believes because he performed “Jesus Walks” that he can make people rise to his feet, if he can’t do that is it possible to make wine?

 Kanye should realize those  people could sit, stand,twerk, or even tap dance if they wanted to, and that is that.

You know why?

 They paid to watch Yeesus pretend to be Jesus and command the unwalkable  to walk.