Giovanca ***messymandella***

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Brika – Mumbai ***messymandella***

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Featuring Guillermo  Vadalá: 5-String Electric Bass.

Video Directed by Santiago Ardila Reyes. Video Edited: Natalia Pérez.

Ester Rada Vs B.o.s.c.o.***messymandella***



hair trend: emphasize your crown N glory***messymandella***ntjam Rosie





nsfw-worldstar video camera episode 19 / revisiting my Briki***messymandella***


    Genuine camaraderie and emotional attachments come from Buffett runs and  rating the spiciest dipping sauces. These women prove that size is just  a number, and food is just a hobby.

       Why should they not be proud, Brika should be president of Oscar Myer or Nabisco, and I am 100% percent sure her milkshake will bring  all the boys to the yard. 

       You don’t understand that she “pick it up and then  drop down” and that itself takes endurance and a strong ass back. Brika fa claims that she is  tastier than a dill pickle, she also likes to have sex at angles,Brika is a mathematician and a magician to pull that off…

   Dear Brika, when you said, “work your fat ass” my life changed forever. Thank you for your entertainment and you have a  lifetime fan. I am not a 300 pounder girl, but I still can “pick it up and drop it down!”





obscure soul: hill street soul / sweetest days***messymandella***



SoulFul Sunday: Fly Away With Sy Smith! ***messymandella***

Lyfe Jennings – Pretty Is ***messymandella***


Solange – Stillness is the Move (The Dirty Projectors)***messymandella***





In All Black With St. Vincent***messymandella***


Music And Fashion meet at

The Eccentric St.Vincent is considered one the greatest guitarist of all time.
She was considered one of the greatest guitarist of all time by SPIN magazine ***messymandella***  See for yourself…