Gloria Steinman + Angela Davis ***messymandella***


Feministically Beautiful And Honest*Colbie Coliat* Tries ***messymandella***

What makes you stand out from the rest?
How do you feel about living your own way and on your own terms?
The world is completely in need of strong-minded and unique fashionistas that want to stand out above the rest. Can you honestly say that you stand alone? No, because you need love and equality. You can have both, but first look at how women of all ages and ethnicities are beautiful. Instead of hating,compliment each other and don’t be a contouring clone. “Try” to be unique!


Nikka Costa And Betty Davis: Unsung Females OF Funk! ***messymandella***



Katy Tiz – No Diggity *** Whistle ***messymandella***


Soulful Sunday: Regina Belle – If I Could! ***messymandella*** Make A Difference!




Colbie Calliat- Hold On ***messymandella***

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