Emily King – Distance (Official Music Video)***messymandella***


 Meet Emily King, an artist that has garnered fame and respect by touring and creating the music SHE wants to create.

This is her vision and her strength to stay more in tuned with her inner self, and not compromise her talent for a watered down version of her vision.

Get familiar  with a multi genre artist that  every musical ear can easily appreciate admire in the Indie music game.

Emily King is coming to a town near you.


Bondville, VT
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Charlottesville, VA
Vienna, VA
Boston, MA
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
New York, NY
Baltimore, MD
Raleigh, NC


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ProbCause – Biting Down – Audiotree Live ***messymandella*** Chicago Style




NSFW: waka flocka + Black Lace {NO HANDS} with Neon Hitch***messymandella***




Brika – Mumbai ***messymandella***

Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/voicememos

Chat with her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/brikamusic

Or travel with her on Instagram: http://instagram.com/brikamusic

Featuring Guillermo  Vadalá: 5-String Electric Bass.

Video Directed by Santiago Ardila Reyes. Video Edited: Natalia Pérez.

Gang Banging / Rapping with Edai Season 1 Pilot (Preview)***messymandella***

Lil Jojo wanted to be a gangster, and prove he was real.
If this is real, I will glorify fake to the day I die.
I wonder what LA Capone thinks about Brick Squad now?
Was it revenge and retaliation that also caused his best friend, Jay Loud’s death?
He was a child, confused of what makes you a rapper.
Look at his movements, look at the fear in his eyes and his demeanor.
He did not want to kill anyone. Lil Jay is determined to rep his gang but Chicago is on the map, for death, that never was supposed to be part of this shit. It was from stories to warn the youth,but we glamorize it.
A 16 Year old High School Student, Keno Glass, who is also the cousin of another slain rapper ‘Lil JoJo’ was shot in the head during a drive by and killed.
I can not write these stories that fast, because they keep killing each other.
I promise that I will write something later, but they refuse to stop killing each other….
  I know Easter Weekend 45 people were shot in Chicago. I am still working on Rapper “RondoNumbaNine” and his tale of alleged murder…
They all have the same color of skin, I can’t explain how stupid it is, but the more we glorify the faster they die!



We Must Remember That Malcolm X Was Murdered By The People He Risked His Life To Protect!***messymandella***

         My goal is to live as if  our only option is peace. We must  not be afraid  to fight for what is right. If the message is painful to hear by the guilty so they must silence you. Malcolm X spent his last years constantly in fear for his family, but knew he had a message for his people.
           Some of  Malcolm’s Muslim brothers didn’t approve of unification and embracing all races. Malcolm lived looking over his shoulder and outside of his window. Malcolm X foreshadowed his own demise and he wasn’t wrong. We must look at the state of the world we are living in, that message of inner strength and self-pride is mandatory.
         We have forgotten that we have other options in this world. We don’t have to hate and we don’t have to kill our own men. Who are you helping when you take a father from his son? Love your brothers no matter what color they represent. You must “respect the blood” of the activist that made it possible for your freedom and integration. GRAPHIC FOOTAGE

The people who are supposed to protect you will be the first to end your life, and get angry when a police man does it. It is awful when a police murders us and it is irresponsible.  Say what you will, but the only difference from George  Zimmerman and the killers of our people in Chiraq is the color of their skin.