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mykki blanco reveals his hIV Status to the music industry. ***messymandella***


       When the world is under the impression that frivolous and meaning less sexual encounters are not reckless, it takes a rapper with HIV to bring a reality check to the rest of the world.  Mykki Blanco has informed the world of her HIV status. He possesses a  confidence and  courage, but regret to inform the world of his HIV Status, sooner .
 The openly  infected  HIV positive person understands that their career and well-being are in danger, but their health is important but it has to be revealed after you have gained success, because record companies and the public are afraid to take a risk and the reputation of the artist determines their overall success. In the 1980’s when GRID now knows as AIDS destroyed  the Art World and only destroyed gay men and they would lose their lives, while wearing the purple Kaposi’s Sarcoma Spots that would indicate to anyone familiar with the disease their health . The purple spots foreshadowed the AIDS victims early demise.


“I’ve been HIV positive since 2011, my entire career. F— stigma and hiding in the dark, this is my real life,”  “I’m healthy. I’ve toured the world 3 times but I’ve been living in the dark, it’s time to actually be as punk as I say I am.”
             Now  AIDS and HIV are a part of the urban  scene  in  2015 and the disease itself is destroying families  and costing  millions, but reckless life is deemed more important.  
Maybe if we were aware of the men and women that died painful  deaths over 25 years ago, we would value our bodies more?


Maybe, if all possible we learn  that by searching for just sexual encounters is empty and sets the tone of self-devaluation?
                It is highly doubtful that AIDS will ever disappear but as a HIV negative person, it is still  a  fight that I will continue to speak on, due to the state of the world we are living in. Your business is your business, but your sexual behavior determines the lifestyle and legacy you leave behind.
We can’t assume that beauty doesn’t go hand in hand with criminal transmission.
 The negative stigma of AIDS is a problem in the African-American Culture.  As a little girl, I watched family members list every other disease but AIDS when we would lose a loved one. We don’t want to admit that we as a culture are in danger.
          Pretty lips are a weakness, not protecting yourself is simply weak  minded.  When you are asked to list sexual partners, will your  list of partners be presented in a brochure or  will have as many pages as a phone book?
            Don’t endanger your lives, and inform your partners on your AIDS status, it is not fair to the person,who has decided to play Russian Roulette with their life. Accidents happen, and condoms break , but no protection is insane and stupid.

However, Stupidity should still come with a social responsibility and we must end the spread in our communities. 


Suicide Prevention! Signs That Someone Is Contemplating Suicide! ***messymandella*** NEW: Natasha Bedingfield

Suicide, leaves many unanswered questions!
Why did the person give up?
What could I have done?
Will that person go to Heaven or Hell?
Who pushed them to the edge?
Environmental Factors That Increase Suicide Risk
“Some people who have one or more of the major risk factors above can become suicidal in the face of factors in their environment, such as:
A highly stressful life event such as losing someone close, financial loss, or trouble with the law
Prolonged stress due to adversities such as unemployment, serious relationship conflict, harassment or bullying
Exposure to another person’s suicide, or to graphic or sensationalized accounts of suicide (contagion)
Access to lethal methods of suicide during a time of increased risk

Again, though, it is important to remember that these factors do not usually increase suicide risk for people who are not already vulnerable because of a preexisting mental disorder or other major risk factors. Exposure to extreme or prolonged environmental stress, however, can lead to depression, anxiety, and other disorders that in turn, can increase risk for suicide.”




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What Obama Said About Vaccines and Autism in 2008 Vs The Doctors in 2015***messymandella***


“We’ve seen just a skyrocketing autism rate. Nobody knows exactly why. There are some people who are suspicious that it’s connected to vaccines and triggers, but (pointing to his right) this person included. The science right now is inconclusive, but we have to research it. Part of the reason I think it’s very important to research it is those vaccines are also preventing huge numbers of deaths among children and preventing debilitating illnesses like Polio. And so we can’t afford to junk our vaccine system.
    “We’ve got to figure out why is it that this is happening so that we are starting to see a more normal, what was a normal, rate of autism. Because if we keep on seeing increases at the rate we’re seeing we’re never going to have enough money to provide all the special needs, special education funding that’s going to be necessary.” written on February 2, 2015 by the American Commitment Organization.

  What choice will  you make?
Will you not vaccinate, just because of the theory and scientific research that vaccines MAY lead to Autism?
Is Autism that horrible of an epidemic, that you would risk your life, or  a possible of death of a child, to avoid that diagnosis?
What are we saying to the parents and children with children that have been diagnosed as Autistic?
Your decision not only affects the children in your household, but as long as the germs are not vaccinated,that may lead to death.
We have a increasing number of children without vaccinations spreading   the Measles.
Thanks to Vaccination that is one less worry, but what is the damage by protecting your family and your children’s class rooms?
What  decision will you make as a parent, student, or humanitarian in general?



Autism is not the Black Plague, and we must make sure that we don’t insinuate that in the media. 

Obama made this statement in 2008, his views were based on theory and research in that year and not in 2015.



Katy Perry:UNICEF Goodwill In Support For 35,0000,000 Living With AIDS***messymandella***


When someone has Terminal Cancer, your saddened and in deep malevolence. When someone succumbs to AIDS typical questions of blame are asked instead of remorse.”They must have done something wrong!” “It’s God‘s punishment!” “Well, he shouldn’t have done what he was doing?” Any lost of life or impending death should be respected, and it should be a humbling experience  to anyone. I have been to so many funerals, where the person said, “Ummm They had Cancer.”

We’re proud to share this new version of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry’s ‘Unconditionally’ video, in support of the 35 million people living with HIV, especially young people suffering in silence.


America’s Shadows…HIV Risk in Black and Latino Youth***messymandella***

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One brave boy tells the world his story to warn us about the danger ofunsafe sex.

He no longer is physically with us, he died  but his dying wish is to make other teens aware of a truth that seems to be getting ignored.

This boy wanted others to look at his struggle, imagine his pain and not live life in denial about safe sex and clean needles, and the exchange of bodily fluids.

Some think they are invincible, his life proves no one is. Stay safe, Know your status! Use clean drug needles.

WE need you here!


“Youthquake, USA Network Teen TV series , Ace Award winning special about Teens with AIDS. This is a hard hitting real world look and the AIDS crisis and American Teens. This segment features a heterosexual teenager that is dying of AIDS as a result of unprotected sex. Jennifer Smith the creator, host and producer of Youthquake spent the last year of Steve’s life with him as his wish was to document and share his death with youth around the world in hopes of raising awareness and saving young lives. People Magazine rated this special A+”

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HIV SISTERS: Mrs. M And Gina ***messymandella***New Jersey HIV Positive Woman

Gina, was once  an attractive woman who had men and fancy clothes, and many suitors. This all changed when  she contracted HIV, the virus that ultimately causes AIDS. AIDS, is the disease that of course,weakens your immune system and any organism can attack your system. Gina learned her HIV Status and tried to commit suicide.Yes, she tried to blow her brains out, but survived.Meet this Sister! She is not in the best physical or mental shape at this moment.We can still humble ourselves and listen to her tale. We get so caught up in stereotypes and blame when it comes to AIDS. When someone has Terminal Cancer, your saddened and in deep malevolence. When someone succumbs to AIDS typical questions of blame are asked instead of remorse.”They must have done something wrong!” “It’s God‘s punishment!” “Well, he shouldn’t have done what he was doing?” Any lost of life or impending death should be respected, and it should be a humbling experience  to anyone. I have been to so many funerals, where the person said, “Ummm They had Cancer.”

When the  truth is right in front of you!

 You saw the lesions and the wasting syndrome, and you just knew…


Find The Man That Has Infected over 240 People With AIDS!

isaac_burks_500x281According to Sandra Rose,

“I met Stephawn when I was 19 years old,” explains Joshua Johnson on his blog. He continues:“At 19, Johnson goes on to explain in great detail how he fell victim to a sexually promiscuous fugitive who is wanted for allegedly infecting at least 240 people with the HIV virus that causes AIDS.”

 Gay and bisexual men, regardless of race, are more sexually promiscuous than their heterosexual counterparts, according to Seekingarrangement.com.

Authorities in New York City are offering up to $100,000 for information leading to the arrest of 31-year-old Isaac Don Burks, aka Stephawn Burks, Stefan Levine, Isaac Levine, Stefan Burks, and Walter Brooks.

Burks is described as an African-American male, medium brown skin, six feet two inches tall, weighing 185 pounds.

According to New York City Health Department spokesperson Kate Caraway, this is the first time a HIV infected individual has spread HIV to so many victims.

“We want to make sure that anyone who may have injected drugs with, who may have had sex with him, does come forward and get tested,” she Caraway. “We want to make sure that they’re not spreading the virus to anyone else.”

Anyone with information regarding Burks’ whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 888-CRIMESC (888-274-6372). Your call will remain anonymous.

Thanks to loyal reader Robyn Williams for the tip!”

Message from ***messymandella***

          You need to report his whereabouts, or get your self tested to avoid spreading this disease. You know that life is about choices. You can’t blame someone for spreading a disease if you don’t practice safe sex.

         Now, in this case this is criminal transmission. He makes his sexual partners think he is wearing a condom. When in reality his intent is to give them a lethal injection, to ultimately end their life.

          I have no remorse for anyone that would knowingly destroy over 240  people’s lives. I also have no remorse for men that brutalize women in gang rape, that get diseases.

          Imagine if it was your mom or sister, being gang raped? You know who you are? You are going to bust hell wide open,  Olympic  Style. You have no sympathy from me and other women that are HIV- and want to stay that way. No sympathy will be given to you.  I hope it falls off and crumbles…

         Remorse goes out the door for some people.This is the only time I co-sign snitching.

         When it involves innocent people, children or animals damn a

 “No Snitching Campaign!”  

          Find this man before 240 people; become 2400 people. In this case, find this bastard and get him off the streets, NOW!

Story from http://www.SandraRose.com.

Let’s hope that whoever is criminal Transmitting AIDS, gets sentenced to Prison.

If this is a hoax, then whoever lied on him, will have to face judgement.