Obscure Music Edition * Lisa Fischer – How Can I Ease The Pain – Music Video (1991) ***messymandella***


Here is the Breathtaking beauty and singer, that never had a chance to shine, due to productions and marketing potential.

On messymandella.com I will continue digging through the crates of my obscure music and locating hits with distinction and sample worthy material worth revisiting. We ignore  numerous hidden talents, and obscure soul ballads for fandom.

The Billboard Charts missed a few of the most sample worthy hits and some songs just did not receive their deserved recognition, until now. Music is measured by quality and not the release date here on messymandella.com


Nikka Costa Killing All Ya’ll With NO AUDIENCE! ***messymandella***

Nikka What?

Nikka Who?

Yeah, yeah, you might be asking these questions and I can understand if you are because her fan base is built on word of mouth. Nikka Costa is not in the club all night begging to be seen or redeemed. Nikka Costa has been “sanging” for about 34 years. She was a child star, son of Don Costa’s and Frank Sinatra’s God daughter. Once again Nikka can hit high notes only Lady Gaga’s wig could dream of, it is a fact that Nikka Costa is one of the best vocalist that you have never heard of but can sing Cassie under the table…

Nikka Costa tours over seas her live performances are legendary.

She is a “Prowah!”

Even if her concert audience resembles this venue.

This is Keri Hilson's Concert  ACTUAL concert picture  and  the devil is busy!

This is Keri Hilson’s Concert ACTUAL concert picture and the devil is busy!

Talent is overshadowed by marketing ability and this is a clear case with regards to Mrs. Nikka “killing these chicks with no printed programs” Costa!

Get familiar, and tell a friend to tell a friend.

This woman can play instruments, dance, sing, and cha cha slide in any empty room.  

The beautiful Nikka Costa will emerge again, and sing her heart out to this many people.

I Ain't Sh*T For This...

I Ain’t Sh*T For This…

Nikka, we will be waiting because no one can hit high notes like you, Mama!

Pay Homage, oh and this is her from the “Blow” Soundtrack.

I told you she existed…

Blu Cantrell

Blu Cantrell- I’ll Find A Way