sexy sista’s: peep that one shoulder swag! ***messymandella***


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The White Mixtape Classic – Jay Z And The Beatles -Danger Mouse***messymandella***




TI=Rubberband Man ***messymandella***

Alice Smith-That Voice!***messymandella***

How much do I love the musical reclusive Alice Smith?
Alice has only one known body of work.
Her voice can hit any octave you can imagine.
She has the “Nikka Costa Complex.”
What is that, you ask?
None of your damn business!
Just joking!
The “Nikka Costa Complex” hinders your potential.
No one can include you in their genre,so you don’t get included at all!
Your talent will never find it’s core listening group.
You become a legend among a few.

Your pockets may never see guap.

Those few fans, will always show love and respect for you.

The rest of the world will say, “Alice Smith, Alice Who?”
This is Alice covering Cee-Lo‘s (The Sexual Bowling Ball) track “Fool For You.”

DIRTY SOUTH: Special Education- Goodie Mob VS OHIO’s Stalley-Cup Inside***messymandella***


Still Dirrty(Christina Aguilera)***messymandella***

Let’s erase all  double standards  in regards to  societies gender stereotypes.
Mrs.Dirrty, showcases her freedom of choice.

She advocates rights for women that speak up about their sexuality and not afraid of the backlash?

Christina Aguilera will never be “Mrs.Cogenialty.”

She is a fighter and a blazing talent, who breaks every musical barrier.

Her voice and her lyrics will make some uncomfortable but  Christina doesn’t care, she’s “Still Dirty.”


Donny Hathaway + Roberta Flack

       The first time I heard Donny Hathaway was in the car, with my family.  I heard “Song For You“, and knew Mr. Hathaway was in an immense amount of pain. You can always here heart-felt emotions in authentic artist.

       Later in life, I decided to buy the cassette single for “Killing Me Softly” by the Fugees. Lauryn Hill‘s hook put the Fugees into mainstream audiences everywhere. My mom said, ” Why did they mess up Roberta Flack‘s song?” Of course, not knowing any better I assumed that Lauryn’s version was better , than Roberta’s. I heard that version, and once again I felt authentic emotions. Lauryn did a superb job on her cover! No one sings “Killing Me Softly” better than Roberta Flack!

      Together these 2 were just as important to the Soul Music Movement as Marvin Gaye, and the beautiful Tammy Terrell!




Cell Therapy

Goodie Mob