DJ Infamous feat. Young Jeezy + 2 Chainz “Dikembe” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video) ***messymandella***


Gone With The Hair Spray: Nancy Grace battles 2 Chainz over pot! ***messymandella***

Nancy Grace has her hair helmet baptized into the marijuana fields by stating that marijuana causes someone to murder their child? We as a family must understand that Nancy will not back down from anyone, even if she is 100% wrong.
  Nancy is “ride or die” for her fairy tales and ideologies and her love of her right-wing fanatical propaganda. Nancy Grace also is a strong female, with even stronger hair that believes that pot heads are dangerous, but lazy, which is a contradiction in itself.
Mrs.Hair Spray also stated in previous interviews that pot heads do not get jobs and are lazy,because they are on the couch all day eating chips and getting high.

So,who the hell has she been interviewing and where are her facts, details, circumstances at this point even her hypothesis?
Nancy, where are you statistics?
Bless her heart…




Wiz Khalifa+Cam’ron =The Bluff

        New heat from the Killa,and Taylor Gang’s CEO.

        Some collaborations  are worth waiting to hear.

        Will this collaboration, put Cam’ron back in the limelight?

  Cam’ron has consistent  street love in his home state.


       Cam’ron doesn’t  seem to have admiration on the radio…

       At messymandella, we look at  artist who  have brilliance.

             The one element to remember is that talent has nothing to do with radio rotation.

             I do have a infatuation with some radio songs, but only about 50%.

Have not seen Cam’ron in a video in a hot minute.

It’s nice to see him on the grind, outside of Harlem…