Rise Up With Andra Day***messymandella***

      Andra Day is a blast from the 1940′ s and a breath and glimpse of  women who are willing to  create their own legacy of rhythm and blues  and jazz vocalization. Andra is similar to the Motown sound but  is ultimately their own. Her voice also lends a bit of inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald and she is simply beautiful.

 Cheers To The Fall  is a critically acclaimed unveiling of  the voice and writing ability and vision of Mrs. Andra Day. She has  musical ability that  we desperately needing in the music industry and she can now join the ranks of Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Deangelo. Mrs. Day is  singing and incorporates retro soul and the music industry will capitalize on pop music but what happened to soul music?
Andra’s voice is one of the best of this year and her  sound is reminiscent of  vintage compositions similar to Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke and Nina Simone  have long been forgotten, or unknown by a younger generation until now.






Jheri Curl Chronicles:Roger +Zapp Vs Carl Carlton!!***messymandella***


       According the Hood Bible AKA Wikipedia,
“Jheri Redding (born Robert William Redding March 2, 1907 – March 15, 1998) was an American hairdresser, chemist, hair care products entrepreneur and businessman. Redding is best known for having created the Jheri curl.” 
This man created a greasy hot sweaty mess on the necks of all our relatives in the early 1970’s and 1980’s.

Remember the musical hits and remember the unique, and innovative talent of Roger  And Zapp and we must pay attention to the “Soul Glow” AKA the Castro Curl that Jherri Redding let drip
on the stairways and pillowcases, that appeared to be covered in butter,after a good nights sleep. Let’s pay homage to Carl Carlton.

‘Cause I Am A Boss! ***messymandella***

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Rapper 50 Cent Calls Rick Ross A Lying Fat Boy!

          50 Cents sympathy for Rick Ross‘s Shooting is no where to be found. That being said,lets’ revisit 50 Cents and Beargrilla’s Beef. I think it started before Rick Ross was a Boss, and at that time 50 Cent gave a damn about his Rap career.Then apparently 50 Cent called Rick Ross a deadbeat dad and told his baby mama he would by her a fur coat. Rick Ross denied by a Cop, 50 Cent pulled his gangsta card and now 50 Cent still has doubts about the shooting. Rick Ross is The Don?Hell naw, not according to 50 Cents. Rick Ross according to 50 Cent, your gangsta is on trial (thanks QB Diamond from Queen Of The Ring)?

         Rick Ross had a horrific birthday. I am sure he had cake.I am damn sure he had Chicken Wings dipped in Caramel. The fact remains 50 Cent will always have his beef with the Beefy One. As long as Rick Ross making that money, 50 Cent will have a problem. Now that being said, 50 used this opportunity to voice his opinion, of the “The Attempted Hamburgler Massacre.” Now we have 50 Cents investigation unsolicited report from CSI:Miami. According to The Hollywood Gossip  Rick Ross  witness stated, “They Coming Back! I’m Hiding!”