Nina Simone: black And bold! ***messymandella***ghostFace killah (DJ:fazubb)


SoulFul Sunday: Fly Away With Sy Smith! ***messymandella***

Scarface – Someday ft. Faith Evans***messymandella***


Kids Dead Why Adults Make Excuses….***messymandella***

Who will take a stand?

I can’t think of any damn reason to have a machine gun

You can’t hunt deer, and eat it after you blown it to pieces.

What are you hunting?

Unless you keep your eye on that gun 24 hours a day(impossible) you are responsible if someone gains access of your gun!

Stop making excuses!

People Are Dying!

Babies Are Dead!

You can’t just say ,”Oops” every time one of these tragedies take place. 

If you have an Assault Rifle, your only option is murder!

You are intending to end someones life!

If everyone from the NRA would have went to everyone of the Sandy Hook  Funereals would they feel the same?

Little Babies go to school,Parents  planning Christmas!

Christmas will never happen! 

These babies instead, are fitted for the last outfit…

Speak Up! 

These babies did not die,  for no reason!

They died, because of pitfalls in our system and the  egotistical  tycoons of the NRA!

Make them pay for the funerals of those Angels.

In fact, make them visit the homes of the babies and the teachers!

 If we as a nation can fight  for Civil Rights even as  poor and forgotten!

We sure as hell can fight for these Angelic victims, of our society!

Will you?


Australian Singer- Matt Walters-***messymandella***

Matt Walter‘s awakening was early and a blessing to say the least. He was galvanized with a musicians ear, that he used to bring forth his musical awakening. He cast his spell at some long-ago folk festival. Matt’s innate musicality and storyteller’s instinct were inflamed and his future career as a singer-songwriter sealed.
Like his hero Bob Dylan and Neil Young he paints a picture of malleability that is easily recognized in his voice.When I first heard his voice, I could not believe that I neglected this talent.

Well, some of the most eclectic music will never get a spin a Top 40 Radio. You have to search to find that feeling, that’s meant to reach your soul.
Then as now, the constantly renewing vistas of the road were indispensable to his inspiration and education as an artist. His first, hauntingly unadorned EP, ECHO ON, was the culmination of a long voyage of discovery from Melbourne to Sydney to London and back to his hometown.
Some critics heard the gentle lilt of Nick Drake, others the oblique visions of Dylan and Neil Young, Matt knew he had nothing until he’d left them behind and found his own voice. That leg of the journey ended with FAREWELL YOUTH, a debut album released by Universal Music in March 2011. Its title summed up his craft and hardship, disillusionment. His intrigue with America, the source of much of his inspiration, had intensified when he collaborated with visiting Nashville singer-songwriter Kim Richey in Melbourne. Read more at