LA Capone – Separate Myself [Full Mixtape]***messymandella***

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Lil Durk later would later tweet “RIP Lil Bro” in Capone’s twitter around 8:00PM…

01. L’A Capone – Separate Myself/Intro
02. L’A Capone – I Got It
03. L’A Capone – Play For Keeps (Feat. RondoNumbaNine) [Prod. By ChasenDough]
04. L’A Capone – Shooters (Feat. RondoNumbaNine)
05. L’A Capone – Grindin’ (Feat. RondoNumbaNine & S.Dot) [Prod. By DjL]
06. L’A Capone – All These Bands (Feat. Jb BinLaden)
07. L’A Capone – The Gat
08. L’A Capone – Steve Drive (Feat. Edai & RondoNumbaNine) [Prod. By Tarentino of 808 Mafia]
09. L’A Capone – With The Shits (Feat. Lil Chief Dinero) [Prod. By DjL]
10. L’A Capone – Murder
11. L’A Capone – Round Here
12. Edai – Six Double 0 (Feat. L’A Capone, S.Dot & RondoNumbaNine) [Prod. By Protegebeats]
13. L’A Capone – Some More (Feat. Hunch Hoodo)
14. L’A Capone – So Loud [Prod. By RichyMo]
15. L’A Capone – Facedown (Feat. RondoNumbaNine) [Prod. By DJ Cocaine]
16. L’A Capone – We Up (Feat. Edai) [Prod. By Artogobeatz]
17. L’A Capone – Bring Em Out (Feat. Chaboki) [Prod. By Jah Rizma]
18. L’A Capone – Brothers (Feat. RondoNumbaNine & Lil Durk)

Homicide Watch: Leonard Anderson: Message From LA Capone’s Mom! PLEASE PUT THE GUNS DOWN!


Message From Me! ***messymandella***



Message From ME!
      When I turn on any social media site or radio station and hear Rap News, I always pray that it is not another death. I am against violence, but I always show it on my site, for just that reason.

       Small time hustlers and pretending gang bangers are perpetuating a life that they don’t understand. The toughest most thugged out in their city or neighborhood, are not match for the real inner city goons. They are not ready for the bigger weight, and bigger ammunition.

           I utilize these images as a wake up call to our people. You do know that a lynching of urban men was supposed to end after Segregation ended, right?

Now, we are goons and considered dangerous and lost, when we are not for the most part.

         We don’t lynch with rope, now we use guns to serve the purpose and to earn stripes in these streets.
I was told to leave Gang Violence off my site, because I would be in danger. I am FAR from Martin Luther King Jr. or any other celebrated activist, but I sit in astounding horror how we are so brainwashed.



I do blame rappers that throw up their gang signs while living in their mansions. The 14 Years Old who idolize these fools are usually in dusty section eight apartments, usually with a single parent mother. The images they visualize are death or prison preparation, and this nothing but the truth… will always be gritty, personal, humorous, loving, but truth. You can’t fight against a war unless you study your opponent.
Thank you for reading.
Love for all races, unification, and the end of our babies having an obituary before they have a high school diploma.


Are You Married To The Streets, Well Will Death Will Soon Do You Part?***messymandella***

At times, it is so easy to get real gangster confused, with studio gangsters. Some of your favorite rappers are false flagging to get that street recognition. Once, you go to any child’s funeral, and watch someone get beat up for wearing the wrong color there is zero tolerance. Snoop Dog, is a gang member, but he is not a street soldier. The street soldiers expire earlier, the closer they are to the streets. I plan to show as many gang funerals, and speak out against them. The adults that want to destroy and enslave our community are on their own. If we educate these little boys and girls left in our community, they will not suffer the same demise as Lil JoJo, and Robert Yummy Sandifer. If you know a boy and girl that you want to save from this never-ending trap, show them enough to scare them straight out of this foolishness. Obviously they can’t look up to other gang members for support, because they are ruthless bastards that money takes over respect, heritage, and self preparation.STOP KILLING OUR RACE!
It is pathetic that a woman has to stand up, and speak up for our well-being. Everyone’s hands are dirty in this game and you can’t have a conscious, putting that flag in your back pocket. The black family in the hood is looked at as ignorant, lazy, and uncivilized. Gangs infiltrate the black family, like a hurricane. I want to be able to know that I never sold out for a dollar, or ethical beliefs. I am convinced that gangs are evil, and set up by the government to infiltrate the urban communities. Yes, they belief that if money is thrown our way, we will sell our souls. It is starting to look that way in the music business, and our communities.