Flashback – Groupie Mentality***messymandella***

We live in a world where you can get chose and purchased slavery?

You go out stand in a room, like a ghetto beauty pageant. You want to be chose, by someone who will not do anything but give you temporary gratification. I wrote this story in 2013. I was a strong woman then, and I am 15 times stronger now.

You can’t even think, that you worth a damn.It is sad now, people have sex but don’t kiss. When did sex become a business transaction that sold your self worth?People kiss their puppies in the mouth. People open up a bag of chips with their mouth, but won’t kiss you. That is degrading, and you are dumb as hell!

If someone won’t kiss you but will screw you, they think you are trash.

Actually, they think you walk on 4 legs and not 2.

You know you want more. Stand up for yourself ! 

 When you stop accepting dumb situations, only then, will it stop happening!

Speak Up For Yourself








You make it harder for feminist women or any woman to stand strong!


Close Your Legs until he or she,deserves you!

Pick up some loyalty and self worth!

Please, reevaluate your life!


My Beautiful Angel***messymandella***Will Be Honored For Her Life!


UPDATE:There will be a dedication at a playground for you, tomorrow. We will never forget you! I LOVE YOU! I know you will have fun playing!

You Are My Little Angel, with your tilted halo!

One of my best friends lost her child in an accident.

The little girl had the most energy.

 I love and still feel pain when I think of Omara.


I miss the smell of your hair.

I miss the devilish smile, you had on your  face.

I worried about your mom, and how we could cope.

I live in the comfort of knowing you  will be “Forever Young.”

I miss you, but I know you will play forever in my heart.

Love You

Sadly, It still feels like yesterday.

When will I stop missing her?

Last week was the heart wrenching anniversary of your death.

I can’t believe it has been 6 years

You never made it to the third grade.

You will be missed!

I know you have to feel the love you left behind.

Autie Dee still misses you as if  I gave birth to you.

I guess that’s what happens, when your heart’s stolen by an Angel.



Fashion Icon And Talented Actress: Zoe Kravitz***messymandella***




Kingdom – Bank Head (feat. Kelela)***messymandella***

Skylar Grey Coming Home^ Part 2^ ***messymandella*** Budweiser

“And the blood will dry
underneath my nails
and the wind will rise up
to fill my sails
so you can doubt
and you can hate
but I know, no matter what it takes

I’m coming home
I’m coming home
tell the world I’m coming home
let the rain wash away
all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits
and they’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home
I’m coming home
tell the world I’m coming ..

Still far away
from where I belong
but it’s always darkest
before the dawn
so you can doubt
and you can hate
but I know, no matter what it takes…” Sklyar Grey lyrics

The Heart Of The Matter***messymandella***

I love change, and flourishing.
Don’t except situations that are just convenient, don’t make this your reality.
So, you are going to sit around and feel sorry for yourself?
You will plant seeds for the future, but that is impossible if you are always hosting your own pity party. When will you enter another relationship? Your love life does not expire like a gallon of milk. Haste can be the reason,it didn’t work out. Get off that couch,pick up that kleenex box and toss it in the trash. In life, you grab, and torture yourself to hold on to something that you don’t even need, and will never benefit you. Living dependent on others for your happiness will be your own downfall, learn from your mistakes. Don’t ever let anyone tell the world, how you failed in your relationship, they are covering up their own deceit, and emotional abuse. You almost let them bring you down that paved road of destruction. They wanted you to endure their antics, and you made it through. You also in the end realize that the people who stop calling your phone were never “your friend.” They were only around for your ex, and now it will sting, and break your heart, but. No one will ever know what happened behind closed doors. People thrive on failure. Maybe too many people in your relationship, was the reason your relationship disintegrated? Don’t explain your past, why do you owe anyone an explanation?
Grow, and call a truce, and learn self-love.
When you have resentment and anger, it only hurts your soul and spirit!
No one can change the past, and in the end you will get to the happiness you clearly deserve!
Look to life,and don’t call it being single, call it being selective.
You have to find someone that represents you, and your aspirations!”

“Don’t Settle”***messymandella***

Meagan Good said ,”Don’t Settle”. This man sends me to that special place…











The world knows that people play games. Men, you play games when we hurt your ego.Lol. You know that keeps you on your toes.

If a man wants to be with me, listen! I have so many plans for myself. If you want me to even give you a chance.NO GAMES!

Some men like to show off different chicks, every other weekend(You know who you are).Some men love to carry these women as an accessory. That ain’t me.

I believe I deserve the best. I am not going to settle. So, yes still single. “I walk alone for a reason.” I am not going to be a Facebook Tramp,or Twitter Bathroom Model.

 So if any man that wants to get at messymandella,you better know… You got to work for this.I know flirting may be one thing. I know I deserve more. I have intelligence. I am also an Artist,and a Feminist(I think you know that).

 I am not going to be on your arm Friday and you have a different chick on your arm, next week. Step Your Game Up!This is not a Merry Go Round. This is the real thing. So, I am a Rose that has a few thorns. I dont’ have to get someone to tell you what’s real.

I don’t and won’t play  games. I deserve the best! I don’t care if you single, you will give me a respect. I don’t compete. I am the competition. I am not the decision. I AM the decider. Get it Together! Thanks, Meagan for the advice. I sure as hell am not going to settle. You better Not either. There is power in these rolling hills…