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         Charity Begins with you and I deciding to make a difference in this world.

Here are some options when time are just as important as a financial contribution.

The Simple things…

  • Establish  Learning Centers 
  • Sports Camps / Summer Camps
  • Equality Task Force Teams
  • Relief Containers / Goodwill
  • Construction Teams / Rebuilding Foundations
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Socialization Programs To Curb Violence
  • Youth Programs
  • School Feeding Sponsorship
  • Bible School Sponsorship
  • Establish Leadership Libraries
  • Safe Sex Seminars / Respect Counseling (Young girls)
  • Community Based  Secondary Schools



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Queen Bey Jay Z ***messymandella*** Drunk In Love

They have bond and mental stability that reaches beyond anyones realm.

Jay-Z is no fool.

He knows he has a amazing person, they kept their life private while they focused on their careers.

They even broke up a few times, but look at them now.

She didn’t judge him, when everyone else did.

He is no Angel….

Sometimes a King can have a dynasty, “but your dynasty ain’t complete without a chief like me.”

She got him, and they both have haters, but they are happy.

Most people have to realize that outside forces are designed to  hurt your growth in the end.

 Thank God they didn’t  give up on each other.

Hate the Carters, or love the Carters they don’t care because they have each other, and their little muffin…Blue Ivy!