January 2018 / Update On 12- Year-Old boy Tamir Rice’s Murder ***messymandella***

Tamir Rice Funeral

Tamir Rice Funeral

***story written three years ago***

      Some angels are here only for a season, and what they leave behind still has existence an impact on our grand design in the entire landscape of all that enter Tamir’s tragedy in their hearts.

      People of all races, religions and backgrounds are opening up their hearts for your beautiful son.

     Your son was the world’s blessing.


You will make it through and this is hugs and love from ***messymandella***

Thanks to  the injustice of Ferguson, now we at least have two more recent unexplained, and unprovoked deaths where the media  painted  the  picture of the victims in the casket as the monsters. It’s ridiculous…

Apparently this little boy still enjoyed playing  with his toys. At least in Heaven, he can run free and play without any bullets…


 The police shooting death of a 12-year-old boy with a toy gun in Cleveland has sparked an investigation — and questions over why officers opened fire instead of using a stun gun. Two officers have been placed on administrative leave pending a probe into Saturday’s shooting of Tamir Rice.

Police said officers responded to a report of a person waving a gun around at a playground and that Tamir was shot after he allegedly refused to put his hands up and reached in his waistband for what appeared to be a handgun.” 

Well, of course we know Tamir was 12 Years old, so they may convince the world he deserved to be shot to death, because we may find video footage of him pushing a child down the street.         Anyone blaming a victim is  manipulating and using deflection from morality and truth to further their hidden agenda.

When Mike Brown died you know the bullets were less important than the store footage.

    The media may decide that Tamir  was  cursing and disrespectful and running around the neighborhood throwing rocks at the neighbors so he deserved to die.

      There is no reason he was shot dead at 12 years old for no damn reason.

       The media  used the same defamation and observations to create the monster called Mike Brown. Of course the bias opposition degraded and destroyed  Trayvon’s character too.

       The media  attempted to convinced us that  both boys deserved to be shot like  animals because  they were thugs and listened to rap music.

         The talking heads on Fox News took one instance and one moment in Mike Brown’s life, and let that video footage dictate his legacy. Some citizens decide every moment of Mike’s stolen life by the video footage.

     Sadly some citizens believed Mike’s life didn’t matter. Some people believed an unarmed man deserved to be shot. 

      Tamir’s life mattered and we must fight against the ignorant and judgemental citizens that believe their lives never mattered.

    Tamir was a baby, there is no excuse.





We Must Protect Our Children From The Police And Their Parents!***messymandella***

“Two Florida police officers are accused of forcing an 11-year-old girl to the ground at gunpoint after responding to a burglary call at her home.
The child was watching television in bed when the officers let themselves into her family’s Groveland home with their weapons drawn after the burglary alarm was accidentally activated, reported WFTV-TV.
She said one of the officers pushed her to the ground and held here there with his knee while the other officer pointed his gun at her.” *
Cenk Uygur (http://www.twitter.com/cenkuygur) and Ana Kasparian (http://www.twitter.com/AnaKasparian) discuss.


J COLE Threatened:19 Year Old Threaten To Kill His Sister, IF Ignored***messymandella***


North Carolina’s J.Cole was in good spirits as he tried to create a marketing buzz for his latest release “Born Sinner” but that quickly changed after a Twitter fan decided for attention, he would extort the rapper. This was suppose to be a celebration of “Born Sinner” but he is being upstaged by a callous young man, that should not have any access to any firearm, with his sanity level. The down side of this attention whoring, is that the tweet was retweeted more than 9,000 times. That gave the lost  one exactly what he wanted, power and attention.

The 19-year-old in question, wanted to gain notoriety on Twitter, and he did.  He didn’t realize how disturbed and frightened the world would be after seeing him, threaten his sister with a gun pointed at her head. Would he murder his little sister? Does he have mental issues? Obviously, you will not threaten someone for admiration. What would have happened, if he shot her by mistake? Why was it so easy to retrieve a firearm that quick? You don’t hunt with a pistol, so there isn’t any excuse for a gun to be that accesable, unless you are a level headed adult.. Hopefully, his mom is not using this young man as a babysitter. Senseless, and arrogance could have sabotized this artist  J.Cole, planned celebration.

     Now, that the backlash happened he is trying to make a joke out of the situation. Only someone “touched in the head” would see humor in the situation. The intent was far from harmless, and I wonder has he done this to his little sister before?

According to TMZ, As for the teenager — we spoke to the kid, and he has profusely apologized for  sending the message, telling us, “I’d like to apologize to America for the photo  and to put J. Cole in that position. It was all a joke.”
“It  was an unloaded BB gun and my sister was in on it. I only tweeted it because I  didn’t expect a response. Mr. Cole please don’t sue me. I want to formally  apologize more to J. Cole and yeah my mom made me delete my twitter until I  fixed it.” -Quote from TMZ