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Feminist Freshman: Gavlyn-Clarity To The Feeling***messymandella***

23 year old Gavlyn, artist on the “Broken Complex” record label has released her Indie Rap Compilation  in 2012 and changed the game.

 Gavlyn will gain a massive Indie buzz if she continues her personal voyage into a male dominated field, Hip Hop! Hip Hop has abandoned the respect for artist like Jean Grae,Mc. Lyte,Queen Latifah, and Bahamadia. The media almost primarily   markets  looks and sexuality. Gavyln, you stay humble,ma. You are truly needed and admired by young heads, and old heads alike.Thanks for the clarity. West Coast Female MC’s are own their grind,but are usually ignored.Female Mc’s are a unnoticed brand, and the reputation of who they engaged in a sexual encounter with, seems to always outweigh their ability to command that respect. Some women have an alter ago similar to Iggy Azalea model agency also cutting those checks. Iggy Azalea and Nikki Minaj proves themselves, even with their over sexed image. In this case, you have Gavlyn who has ridden her Indie Wave in the background and used her own street team to ensure her successes. If Gavlyn continues to drop hot 16’s and stay authentic, she will flourish.
Stay tuned to hear more from this sista!

RIP L’A Capone, What Can 600 Do For You Now? ***messymandella***

       Poor Baby! He was programmed to rep “600” and that actually will be his claim to fame, as the churches are packed with mourners, men and women, and gangs. They will be taking pictures while they are wearing his t-shirts.  They are going to cry, rep and sing to the high heavens. Yes, they are going to leave the church, which at a gang funeral is also a war zone…
      Be prepared, more gang mayhem and casket preparation is right around the corner. The gang members from “600” hopefully the leader of “600” will make sure that his family eats for the rest of their lives!

Yeah, Right as soon as that casket drops it will be “back to trapping” and destroying the neighborhood.

Every time a gang member succumbs to violence, it just makes room for another gang member.

Yes, this man could have made it to the top of the rap  game, but so could have Lil Snupe, Lil JoJo, and rapper Lil Fat.

Sadly, It it highly unlikely that everyone at that funeral will be alive, this time next year.
Sometimes it feels like I am suffocating around ignorance.  What is wrong with our people?

Why are we preparing children to only leave a small ill-gotten legacy?

Most of these men are raised by single moms that have to work, because the dad is either incarcerated,  or just doesn’t give a damn.

      It is not LA’ Capone’s fault that he will be a “Could he have made it?” rapper added to the roster. He just like other youth that perpetuate and mimic the glamorization of Gangs. No one will speak up against the violence; that is a part of the Hip Hop Movement.
Davey D, a prolific blogger utilized his truth and love for his people to decrease violence in Hip- Hop. He catered to articles similar to Jean Grae, Bahamadia, and De La Soul. These artist have been pushed off the charts to d-listed status.
God, it is more convenient, yes a hell of a lot easier to just sweep the violence under the rug, if you can get a hip hop deal. Approximately every five gang affiliated rappers give you all their violent capabilities. In any 3 minute song, you will be introduced to their gang location, set information, gang sign, and the proud admiration for becoming a gang member. What the hell are you proud of anyway?
People look up to Big Meech and Young Jeezy, and Ace Hood. It is a Plague of pure ignorance and embarrassment,

         I  apologize for LA’ Capone not having a lucrative rap career, but blame the OG’s in the game that are leeches that have sucked the the blood out of Hip Hop, and our thriving community.
Sleep In Peace! You never had a chance to make it out of the ghetto and crime. People can not help were they reside, but you can strive to be better. These neighborhoods are make shift prisons for children and the elderly.These people  are too scared that “BDK” may have a beef, and if  they speak up they will  loose their life to stray bullets full of hatred and racial stereotypes. He was a still a baby. He didn’t get a chance to leave his neighborhood, or feed his family LEGALLY. I hope his family finds peace. I hope that we get past this genocide one day…A damn Shame. Martin Luther King Jr, and Malcom X died for this? Typing through tears…




Beautiful Black Baby Boy!

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