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To Every Little Girl Out There…


My little girl,

“There will always be someone who will tell you that you’re not good enough, pretty enough, or unique enough to be…



There will always be someone who will tell you that you’re only as beautiful as your face and your body.

There will always be someone who will tell you that your worth depends on how much attention you can get.

There will always be someone who will tell you that your education is a waste.

But I will always be there to tell you this…

The beauty within you cannot be compared to anyone else’s.” -from writer- Najwa



Live Your Life!

You are Beautiful!

I Love The Way You Respect Yourself!

Stay Golden!

You get better as you grow.

Real means authentic, not playing a part.

Real can NEVER mean anything derogatory to women.



Let them know what you about, so they can get down or else.


Life Is Simple!

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         Charity Begins with you and I deciding to make a difference in this world.

Here are some options when time are just as important as a financial contribution.

The Simple things…

  • Establish  Learning Centers 
  • Sports Camps / Summer Camps
  • Equality Task Force Teams
  • Relief Containers / Goodwill
  • Construction Teams / Rebuilding Foundations
  • Leadership Seminars
  • Socialization Programs To Curb Violence
  • Youth Programs
  • School Feeding Sponsorship
  • Bible School Sponsorship
  • Establish Leadership Libraries
  • Safe Sex Seminars / Respect Counseling (Young girls)
  • Community Based  Secondary Schools



Wake Up Flawless With Beyonce And Nicki Minaj***messymandella***


KEXP 90.3 FM Presents: SOHN ***messymandella***

KEXP, Seattle, Washington’s premier radio Station, has the historical significance of introducing Macklemore, Nirvana, Florence  And The Machine, and myriads of free thinkers, and artist of  combined musical genres to flourish.  The radio station, established in 1972, on the campus of  The University Of Washington  and KEXP caters to ” Music Lovers, Artists, and the Arts Community. “

          The radio station become the voice of Artistic Expression, and freedom for your style, your voice, and talent. No filler, no image consultant, or wardrobe room. The artist shows up with their vision, and a chance to become accepted for their talent, not by how many times they  can twerk….

        KEXP  recently sponsored a live performance with veteran rappers, Mobb Deep because they have diversity and a genuine appreciation for artist like you and I.

SOHN released “Tremors” which is his first major release, and a huge career move for the “Electro-Soul” artist. Electro-Soul music incorporates TR-808  Drum machines,  soul and funk samples, and a vocoder.






DJ AM LIVE***messymandella***


Remember the Talent

Remember the Legacy

Remember the Man

Remember Adam

DJ AM - (RIP 1973-2009)

DJ AM – (RIP 1973-2009) (Photo credit: Caesar Sebastian)