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This Sandy Hook Conspiracy Mess Is Pure Garbage!

           Really? So you believe that children died, for a gun control agenda? This is horrible and disturbing that you would put garbage to make light of the tragic murders and forward the psychotic thinking.

         Why would anyone even look to make this awful tragedy, a conspiracy? How sick are people? I had one of my best friends show me the video, and I do acknowledge the tragedy may have inconsistencies. But, this is unbelievably ridiculous. The fact remains, guns are too easy to obtain. 

          I could care less if anyone, has a gun. However, if it is your gun, its you responsibility. If a disturbed person, gets your assault rifle, you also should be charged as an accessory. I’m sorry! How many wars can we keep fighting. We are fighting everywhere. Really, this what we are going to become,just toy soldiers. This will make violence escalate, and make light of the entire legacy of the 26 people who died. I am sadly one of those people who watched that video. I feel guilty for entertaining the idea. Stop, being selfish and using Social Media, to avoid responsibility in Gun Control rules.

         President Obama has a task on his hands at the moment. It seems so vanilla to wish that we could just not have to worry about having multiple weapons to survive. Doesn’t it seem like we are making our own world more violent?The voices of  our time, are not going to remember a peaceful place. Innocence is completely stolen.  Why would more guns equal peace? Can we not just discuss our issues? If you have 2 hands why do you need 10 guns? Will our laws that govern us, ever bring us to a final agreement regarding gun control? Are we suppose to walk out our front door and wonder if we will get shot today? Why can’t the same people who believe in the Bible, not believe in humanity and unity?  Maybe, I am just dreaming…