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1Take.TV: Jess Goyder (End of the World) ***messymandella***

Jess Goyder joins 1Take TV in EAB Recording Studios in West London for a performance of her song (End of the World) with Emma Butterworth on cello..

Written and arranged by Jess Goyder:    
Sound production by Elliot Bradley
Filmed by Jonah James, Beatrice Black and Emma Hegarty. Edited by Jonah James.

Jess and Emma are wearing Danilo Gabrielli  
Make up by Monika Krok Monika Krok   

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If I Loved You-DELTA RAE-Lyndsey Buckingham ***messymandella***That Damn Spark

What Is “That Damn Spark?”  Have you ever looked in someone’s eye and the attraction was just too powerful?  That feeling that you have that can’t be explained.It’s not just about looks. The force is so powerful,and you just want to figure it out?  I can’t understand it, but it’s that feeling you have that you just want to see them  just walk by. You can be single, but that person stays on your mind.  Sometimes you think it’s just sexual,but it is a spiritual connection. Doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life.  You still want to see that person.You have never kissed, or even gave them a hug, but you get shy and bashful when you see them.

It is That Damn Spark! 

You are lying to yourself, if you think it will go away.  

I think it is all about timing.

Your closest friends notice!

When you want someone spiritually, it is real.

You should not pretend to love someone if you don’t!

Why get their hopes up for no reason?

Why start a relationship, when your heart is somewhere else?

You can’t lie to yourself.

There is nothing you can do, if that spark is not there.

You are wasting that other persons time!

How selfish can you be?



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