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Thirsty Thursday Sermon: Don’t Tell All Your Business On Social Media Or You Will Get Dumped Or Indicted!***messymandella***


Free The Shmurda’s is a campaign that of course is campaign because rappers Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda are currently behind bars, in the belly of the  beast. Sadly, he is in prison due to his self proclaimed antics and life style in general. Do you want to know how they found him that day he was arrested? Rowdy Rebel went to his Instigram and gave time, location, and plans for the night and what was going down that night in the studio.

       You have to believe in this world we have this envious group of people that could also snatch your chain, your life, or in this case your freedom. Social Media is also used to locate deadbeat mothers and fathers also to prosecute them.

You could be in a relationship with someone and dump them and they could stalk your timeline out of frustration and not having your attention. Your ex can also watch everyone you interact with and accumulate information to destroy your life. If you give too much information, that is only adding fuel to the fire.

You can move along with your life  and  be in love with someone else and they can muck that up in about 5 minutes, by using the information that you fed them.

You can’t feed the trolls on Social Media. Keep details of your life away from others and once you block that person and want peace of mind, that only gives them more of a reason to collect and fish for more information about you.

They will reach out to mom’s and dad’s, uncles, and your sworn enemies. Don’t give them too much information on your Twitter, Instigram, or Facebook. Bobby Shurmada was actively seeked out for being the GS9  gang mastermind. People will use any means to  destroy you, please don’t help them stalk or indict you.